The Wedding Gallery

The world’s first wedding department store provides a superior, exclusive service to their clients at every stage of their journey. From the moment a guest schedules an appointment, to arriving on the premises and meeting their associate, the service excels. The Wedding Gallery required a booking system that would provide the best experience to clients, prepare the associates for the appointment, and be scalable enough to grow with them. Initially using Appointedd internally, The Wedding Gallery experienced such a demand for their services on launch that they made the services bookable online to offer guests the ultimate journey.

Crafting the perfect wedding

For newlyweds-to-be, The Wedding Gallery offers a luxury, personalized shopping experience for all things nuptials. Since launching it has attracted the attention of the wedding industry and the press, as well as a number of high-profile clients.

The challenge

The Wedding Gallery required a solution that would empower staff to provide a personal, highly tailored shopping experience to their clientele. As an entirely new concept in weddings, encompassing planning and retail, the high-end department store knew that they would need a solution that could adapt to changing needs when they first opened. They also knew that they would be managing a whole host of expert-led appointments, so the system needed to be flexible. Lastly, they needed their scheduling tools to integrate with all of their other software, from CRM to point of sale system.

“Appointedd is a valuable asset to The Wedding Gallery and helps us to deliver a bespoke service to our customers.” Ina Fox – Creative Director

The solution

Appointedd was able to deliver the ultimate scheduling solution for The Wedding Gallery. With a variety of appointment types on offer, including consultations on hair and beauty, jewellery, bridal and menswear, lingerie, venues, and honeymoons, Appointedd allows the department store to provide their clients with a simple way to book and guarantee their one-to-one appointments with highly trained stylists and consultants. By allowing customers to give additional information at the time of booking, the team can offer a bespoke experience to each person, making it a truly immersive experience, dedicated to the client and their big day. Appointedd’s solution also prioritizes ease of use internally, streamlining operations to allow staff to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service.

The-Wedding-Gallery-booking system

A match made in heaven

Appointedd was best-placed to provide The Wedding Gallery with the tools they were looking for, and more. Initially, The Wedding Gallery only wanted to use Appointedd’s intuitive calendar and time management system to manage their bookings, with the booking tools on the website prompting clients to call for an appointment. This was to promote the personal, exclusive nature of the service.

With the system in place ahead of the launch, however, after just three days The Wedding Gallery was seeing such interest that they adopted Appointedd’s online booking capabilities to keep up with the demand for appointments. Now they take around forty online bookings every day, and Appointedd’s highly customizable and intuitive online booking apps keep the service feeling bespoke and personalized.

“Part of my project management process is to research the right company to fulfil my client’s requirements,” explains Ina Fox, Creative Director and Consultant to The Wedding Gallery team. “The main focus was on finding the right company and software that would give us flexibility and attention to detail. We needed to find a solution that would allow communication between our epos system and bespoke CRM system, and merge all data between programs in a well thought out and structured manner.

“Appointedd allowed us to simplify the whole booking process through an embedded online booking page, so clients can enjoy the full experience without leaving the website.”


The result

With Appointedd’s robust booking system in place, The Wedding Gallery was able to hit the ground running when they launched the store. “As a start up, both the system and the team behind it have been hugely important in getting our business off the ground.”

By providing their clientele with 24/7 booking online, The Wedding Gallery can offer high quality, customer-oriented service both on the shop floor and when the doors are closed: “As most of our bookings are taken online, customers find the system easy and efficient to use. The automated emails and text messages are the perfect way to communicate with customers to confirm bookings.” With the ability to customize these automated emails using HTML, The Wedding Gallery can also ensure that their branding and design remains consistent across communications.

The Appointedd team worked closely with The Wedding Gallery to deliver a solution that worked perfectly for them, including custom development. “The team finds the system easy to navigate. The extra features that Appointedd has developed for us have been a huge benefit to the business, and have allowed us to end up with a system which meets our every requirement.”

With such high demand for appointments, Appointedd makes it possible to streamline the booking process for everyone. Customers have the convenience of being able to reserve their appointments at any time, from any device – a valuable time-saver in the notoriously stressful wedding planning process – while associates benefit from having their schedules automatically populated by the booking tools, freeing them to dedicate more time to customers in-store.

“We are very happy with the system and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Appointedd to other businesses.”