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Liberty London

Founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875, Liberty has curated its historic department store with beautifully crafted products from artisans around the world for nearly 150 years. In the late 1800s, Arthur Liberty sought to inspire his customers with unique goods made by master craftsmen. This ethos continues today as Liberty remains one of London’s greatest luxury department stores.

Always at the forefront of changing trends, Liberty works with Appointedd to digitally innovate its customer journey and bridge the gap between online and in-store.

Key results


event bookings


sold out events


bookings made more than 10 days in advance

Why us

Liberty offers a delightfully wide array of products, from fabrics, to beauty, to jewellery, to fashion, to homewares, and is tasked with creating an equally wide array of customer journeys.

Appointedd gives customers the ability to go online and book, pay for, and confirm everything from store tours, wardrobe refresh appointments, fabrics and crafting 1:1s and more. They automatically receive automated confirmation, reminder, and follow up emails from Liberty.

On the internal Liberty side, the team has a complete overview of each service and its popularity, staff workload, and can actively anticipate changing trends in their bookable services. Our Data Insights provide business critical metrics to understand customer behaviour.

Why now

Liberty’s legacy stands on being forward thinking and connecting shoppers with artisans from around the world. So, it is important to quickly offer omnichannel experiences as the world becomes more digitally forward and shoppers’ needs change.

Whilst the retail market rapidly evolves and competition is fierce, Appointedd empowers Liberty to scale the way it brings shoppers from online to its historic department store.

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