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Appointedd integrations

Appointedd connects with your entire business ecosystem

We have a way to connect to literally anything. If not through direct integration then via our open developer API.

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From invoices created automatically from your online appointments, to filing your tax return effortless: save time by sending financial data attached to your bookings straight to your balance sheet.


Office 365 - Logo

Office 365 Calendar

Create appointments and receive notifications from your Office 365 Calendar. Use your Appointedd account along with your Office 365 calendar to make scheduling simple.

outlook icon

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of Outlook and is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features. It can also be integrated with your Appointedd account to let you organize your time from either application.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange delivers email and calendar solutions for businesses. Sync your Appointedd account with your Microsoft Exchange Calendar to always be on top of your appointments.

iCloud Calendar

iCloud Calendar is the online calendar from Apple that allows you to create and manage calendars. You can integrate your iCloud calendar with Appointedd to always be on top of your schedule.


Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service linked to your Gmail Account. Use Google Calendar to keep track of all your events on your computer, phone, or tablet. Integrate with Appointedd for complete scheduling.



With the Salesforce cloud-computing model, CRM solutions can instantly scale and be customized. Integrate with Appointedd for streamlined management start to finish.


Zapier logo


Zapier is a platform that allows users to move information between web apps, including communication, HR, marketing, sales, CRM and support apps. We are now proud to offer businesses the opportunity to integrate their scheduling tools with 4000+ apps.


Memberson logo


Appointedd integrates with Memberson to provide our joint clients with a unique connecting Appointedd directly into the Memberson loyalty CRM

Go instore logo

Go Instore

By partnering with Appointedd Go Instore have been able to meet their customers online and in store. Working together has allowed us to offer our joint clients the tools to create exceptional customer journeys

Bambuser logo


Appointedd partners with Bambuser to provide 1:1 live shopping experiences alongside masterclasses and virtual events all bookable through the Appointedd software.

Red ant logo

Red Ant

Creating a shared solution with Red Ant has enabled us to create a best in class solution that allows retailers to create an exceptional and personalized customer experience.



Take secure deposits or request full payment for your appointments online, improving your cashflow and providing you with secure payment for all of your bookings.


Appointedd integrates with Square to help sellers start, run, and grow their business with tools that improve cash flow.


Seamlessly integrate your appointments with the UK's fastest growing point-of-sale software. Effortlessly take payments for your appointments, upsell merchandise, and track your sales performance.


MessageBird logo


MessageBird is a communications platform allowing businesses to connect and engage with their customers. They offer a platform that can unify various communication channels in one place. These channels include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram. SMS, Twitter, Slack, etc.


Twilio provides programmable communication tools for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and performing other communication functions using its web service APIs.

Video conferencing

Zoom webinars

Our native integration allows you to link webinars you set up in Zoom with bookings in Appointedd. These webinars will then display in your Appointedd booking tools and when a customer books onto the webinar they will receive the link to join in their confirmation email sent via Appointedd.

Zoom meetings

Our native Zoom integration ensures that you generate Zoom links for any meeting or event scheduled in Appointedd, effortlessly automate the distribution of Zoom links, and sync Zoom link to Google, Office 365, and other major online calendars.

Microsoft Teams

Appointedd's integration with Microsoft Teams allows businesses to offer their clients a seamless journey from start to finish. A client makes a booking with a member of staff, and a unique meeting link is generated. The client will receive this link to join the meeting in their automatic communications and your team members can easily access the link from the booking information in their calendar.

Web + App


Seamlessly integrate your online booking and business management tools with any self-hosted WordPress site. Take online bookings directly from your WordPress website.


Take online bookings from your customized Weebly website. With the Appointedd and Weebly integration you can drag and drop a booking app and start taking seamless bookings online in seconds.

Beezer is an instant mobile app creator. They provide a self-build mobile app solution which allows users to build their very own mobile app and you can now use Appointedd to take bookings directly through any app.

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