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SEIKOURI required a solution that would provide a unique, robust booking tool that calculated time zone requirements and looked to Appointedd to provide this. Read more


I can honestly say that using Appointedd has transformed the way the entire SEIKOURI team as well as our partners around the globe run their calendars.

Mint Car Care

For the Director of Mint Car Care, Kenneth McGuigan having a mobile optimized booking system is essential to running his business efficiently whilst out on the road or busy at appointments. Challenge: As a new business owner, it is invaluable that Kenneth’s time is spent on the right things in his business. Read more


 The security deposit that we have introduced through the Appointedd system ensures that we are compensated for any last minute cancellations. This is a fantastic tool for a new, growing business!

Scott Parker Studio

Scott Parker, a young photographer and founder of Scott Parker Studio has been using Appointedd to run his business for over 2 years. Challenge: As with many solopreneurs, providing excellent customer service whilst securing future bookings is quite the balancing act. Read more


 My life really is a lot easier with Appointedd now because the customers can help themselves. I don’t need to be in an email chain back and forth with customers – they can just book online

Beauty by Moonlight

Charlotte Colley, the owner of Beauty by Moonlight has built a spa, beauty and personal care business that prides itself on excellent customer service. She was looking for an online booking system that she could trust to improve the customer experience for her business. Challenge: Charlotte wanted to grow her business by building her customer base and increasing repeat bookings. Read more

My customers love the online booking system which gives them flexibility to book anytime, anywhere, even when they are out of the country.

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