Case Studies

The Wedding Gallery

The world’s first wedding department store uses Appointedd to manage exclusive guest appointments and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Ina Fox – Creative Director “Appointedd is a valuable asset to The Wedding Gallery and helps us to deliver a bespoke service to our customers.”

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a household name for shoppers in the UK and around the world. With a long and illustrious history, M&S is also embracing the digital future of retail by providing online services. As part of this forward-thinking approach, M&S use Appointedd’s online scheduling software to deliver their Fit & Style personal shopping initiative, combining the convenience and flexibility of seamless online booking with a superior in-store experience for their customers.

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David Howell – Project Manager Appointedd’s ease of use makes the platform a great part of our customer journey. Appointedd has heavily contributed to a successful launch of the Fit & Style Studio service.

Hudson House Business Centre

Hudson House Business Centre was looking for an efficient room booking system to replace their phone- and email-based process. Since using Appointedd, they have increased the bookings they receive for their meeting rooms as well as improving the convenience of their service for staff and clients alike.

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Andy Gillen – Managing Director Our meeting room utilization has increased by 34% since starting to use Appointedd. We might need to find some more meeting rooms to handle all of the extra bookings!


Appointedd partner AppInstitute is an easy online app builder platform. They enable small businesses to create their own mobile apps and offer seamless integration with our advanced booking tools. They also use Appointedd themselves to offer support to their customers and drive sales.

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Mark Hopkinson – Head of Business Development Dealing with so many customers is quite a challenge, so having a system to take care of booking and appointment scheduling makes life much easier.

Fuze Ceremonies

Fuze provides celebrants for a variety of ceremonies. They decided to improve the convenience of their service and increase the volume of bookings they received by making it possible to book their celebrants online 24/7 with Appointedd.

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Anne Widdop – Founding Director Customers love it, they are very positive. And having online booking prompts customers to book more quickly after they receive a quote.

EbbTide Wellness Studio

Specializing in acupuncture and meditation, EbbTide Wellness Studio was looking for an online booking tool that would be flexible and easy for customers to use. Co-owner and founder Tracy Hockmeyer tells us how Appointedd helps them to give their customers the best service and makes running their business more relaxing.

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Tracy Hockmeyer – Co-founder and Owner We know that using this software has saved countless hours every week. We are so grateful to have found the Appointedd software. is the eHarmony for finding tech experts. They match their customers with their perfect techie through their online matchmaking marketplace of vetted technical talent that specialize in app, web, and software development. To provide their service quickly and efficiently, they use Appointedd to let their users book consultations in seconds online.

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Aliya Amershi – CEO and Founder Having a robust, user-friendly booking system in place lets visitors easily book and pay in one simple process... Appointedd has been a lifesaver.

Maloco & Associates

Things are moving fast in the world of estate agency. From hybrid agencies to virtual viewings and selling houses on Snapchat, the modern estate agent has a lot to get to grips with. So we spoke to one forward-thinking agency, Maloco & Associates, about how they are taking advantage of Appointedd’s online booking tools.

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Michael Maloco – Founder Any time of the day, rather than having to call the office and wait for a phone call back during their busy working day, people are able to go online and book their appointment... We're getting opportunities that we otherwise would not get.

The Swedish Teacher

Sara Hörberg and her team of teachers give language tutoring over Skype to students across the world. Sara tells us about her business and how Appointedd has made it simple to navigate timezones and the summer time to winter time transition.

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Sara Hörberg – Owner We faced a few timezone related problems before, but Appointedd has helped with all of those. In particular, we are enjoying our first spring without sweating over the issue of summer/winter time change.

Castlefield Beauty Bar

With several businesses to run, owner Anish Nambiar needed a tool that would streamline the management of Castlefield Beauty Bar while allowing him to stay on top of things on the move.

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Anish Nambiar – Owner I chose Appointedd because it gives me access to the system from anywhere and allows me to keep track of day to day salon appointments and sales.

Aquarius Contact Centre

Aquarius is Scotland’s only homeworker call centre, with their operators working from their own homes, answering calls for more than 300 clients. Roddy Forfar, Managing Director of Aquarius, told us why they chose to partner up with Appointedd to streamline and simplify their diary management service.

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Roddy Forfar – Managing Director Our staff love it. It’s easy to use, it just flows really easily... The simplicity of the model works well for us.

Falkirk Business Hub

The Hub was looking for a way to streamline their room bookings and optimize occupancy while maintaining their signature personal touch. Cue Appointedd, which helps them provide excellent service to their clients and cut down on time-consuming admin for their team of hosts. Managing a dynamic business center has never been easier.

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Douglas Farquhar – Manager We use the system in a slightly different way to other businesses, which shows how flexible and user friendly Appointedd is.

Beauty by Moonlight

Charlotte Colley, the owner of Beauty by Moonlight has built a spa, beauty and personal care business that prides itself on excellent customer service. She was looking for an online booking system that she could trust to improve the customer experience for her business.

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Charlotte Colley – Owner My customers love the online booking system which gives them flexibility to book anytime, anywhere, even when they are out of the country.

Scott Parker Studio

Photographer and founder of Scott Parker Studio, Scott uses Appointedd to keep his business growing and win more clients while freeing up time for the important things, like taking quality photos.

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Scott Parker – Owner My life really is a lot easier with Appointedd now because the customers can help themselves. I don’t need to be in an email chain back and forth with customers – they can just book online

Mint Car Care

Director of Mint Car Care, Kenneth McGuigan, moves around just as much as you’d expect for someone in his line of work. As a new business owner he found himself juggling everything at once, and on the road to boot, but with his schedule on his phone in app form, plus a mobile-optimized booking system, everything runs smoothly.

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Kenneth McGuigan – Director The security deposit that we have introduced through the Appointedd system ensures that we are compensated for any last minute cancellations. This is a fantastic tool for a new, growing business!


Operating globally, SEIKOURI Inc. needed a solution that would allow scheduling across timezones. Markus Brinsa, CEO, approached Appointedd to deliver this unique functionality.

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Markus Brinsa – CEO I can honestly say that using Appointedd has transformed the way the entire SEIKOURI team as well as our partners around the globe run their calendars.