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Victoria’s Secret

With nearly 1,400 retail stores worldwide and a predominantly female workforce of more than 25,000, Victoria’s Secret is known for its innovative approach to retail.

As market leaders since their founding, Victoria’s Secret looked to innovate their approach to bra fittings in the post-pandemic world.

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Key results


Conversion from booking to sale


Average basket size


Bookings coming in day and night

The challenge

Victoria’s Secret came to Appointedd because they needed a scheduling software that empowered customers to book time with their staff to increase engagement and revenue. Appointedd allows Victoria’s Secret customers to easily book bra fit appointments from their website, and at the same time it manages the Victoria’s Secret workforce at each store.

The result is a happy customer who is able to easily book an appointment when they want, and a staff member prepared to help and to generate revenue from those appointments.

Why now

As a company that aims to offer captivating customer experiences, Victoria’s Secret urgently needed to find a better way to continue to engage customers in a post-covid world. To ensure Victoria’s Secret prioritised long-term customer loyalty, Appointedd was introduced to create the 1:1 experiences their customers know and love.

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