Your online appointment booking and scheduling suite

Access anywhere, at any time, on any device

What kind of bookings do you want to take?
  • Appointment booking
  • Group bookings
  • Private Events
  • Consultation bookings
  • Classes & courses
Hair & beauty salons
Let your customers book an appointment with their favourite stylist even out of business hours
Meeting rooms
Let users book rooms for meetings and more to maximize occupancy with no risk of double-booking
Sports facilities
Simplify the process of renting out courts, equipment, and even coaches with self-service booking
Manage your schedule and free up your time by allowing clients to book their own services online
Call centers
Manage your internal team and processes or deliver a complete diary management service to your clients
Coordinate calls and meetings effortlessly with online booking and automated confirmations and reminders
Health and fitness
Allow your customers to book services online anytime and manage all facilities from one platform
Business centers
Holistically manage all aspects of the business center from a single centralized system
Make clinic management simple and streamlined by giving patients the ability to book convenient appointments online
Streamline the coordination of meetings, parent-teacher chats, dissertation consultations, and more
Easily organize ongoing classes, limited run courses, and one-off seminars with flexible online booking
Online booking and so much more
  • Set working hours across any timezone
  • Add exceptions to standard working hours across any timezone
  • Add days off and recurring breaks
  • Customize which services your resources offer
  • Never be double booked
  • Take payments during the booking process
  • Offer multiple duration options for each service
  • Set a custom schedule for each service
Stay connected on the go
  • Take payment from customers when booking online
  • Take a deposit at the point of online booking
  • Customize payments for each service level
  • Send payment requests for internal bookings
  • View payment history for customers
Keep everything in sync

The Appointedd calendar allows you to view your schedule in either a daily or weekly format. This makes it simple to see your entire team’s appointments at a glance, or see the whole week for any of your resources.

Appointedd online calendar
Daily view

View your entire team's schedule, at a glance.

Weekly view

See an overview of the week for each resource.

Agenda view

View all upcoming appointments and filter bookings.

Take bookings anywhere
  • Smart timezone technology automatically detects the customer’s timezone
  • Pre-set your business timezone so customers see availability in your local timezone
  • Manage resources across multiple timezones
  • Manage travelling resources with complete timezone flexibility on working hours
Seamless calendar sync
  • Two-way integration with all major online calendars, including Google, iCloud, Office 365, and more. External calendar events are transferred into Appointedd and vice versa, allowing you to keep track of both personal and professional appointments in one place.
  • Connect each resource to an external calendar.
  • Staff members can manage their time through their external calendar without requiring direct access to the Appointedd system.
  • Events in external calendar prevent resources from being double booked.
Simple to use
  • Colour coded resources make it easy to see each resource’s workload at a glance
  • Quickly adjust your calendar with our intuitive drag and drop functionality
  • View booking and customer information at a glance
  • Contact participants directly from the software via email or SMS
Customize your calendar
  • Set buffers to give you contingency time on appointments for travel or preparation
  • Specify how much notice you require for online bookings or cancellations
  • Customizable time increments to display in the calendar screen
Manage your customers
  • Create custom CRM fields
  • Keep customer notes
  • View past bookings
  • View sent email and SMS communications
  • Send direct emails and SMS from the customer record
  • Organize customers in custom lists using tags
  • Allow customers to create an account with you to view, reschedule and cancel bookings
Marketing & Communications
Marketing Campaigns
  • Automate marketing campaigns to increase repeat business effortlessly
  • Customize campaign content for truly effective marketing
  • Schedule marketing campaigns
  • Target marketing campaigns to specific sub-sections of your customers
  • Automate triggered marketing notifications at key points in customer journey, or for events such as birthdays
Keep everyone up to date
  • Automated booking confirmations for both customer and business
  • Send SMS and email to customer(s) from booking in calendar screen
  • Send automated reminder SMS and email messages to customer
  • Customizable confirmations and communication content
  • Customize reminder notice periods
  • Customize notification content
Booking Tools
Free Booking Microsite
  • Display your business details on your microsite
  • Take reviews from your microsite
  • Create a different microsite for each resource
  • Allow group booking online
  • Set Price on Application
  • Allow customers to book online immediately
  • Allow customers to request a booking
Example of weebly site
Website Booking Tool
  • Take bookings on your own website
  • Works on any website
  • Mobile Responsive booking tool
Online booking through Facebook
Facebook Booking Tool
  • Booking app on your Facebook page
Appointedd Microsite Online booking through Weebly Online booking through Facebook
  • Occupancy reports
  • Booking reports
  • Revenue reports
  • Resource revenue reports
  • Top customer reports
  • Take payment from customers when booking online
  • Take a deposit at the point of online booking
  • Customize payments for each service level
  • Send payment requests for internal bookings
  • View payment history for customers
  • Free 30 minute set up call
  • Live in-app messenger support
  • Complete support base
  • Dedicated telephone support available