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McArthurGlen is Europe’s leader in designer outlet shopping, and has 25 locations in eight different countries. It is committed to crafting a retail experience with a single-minded focus on its customers. It builds beautifully crafted shopping environments, with contemporary dining and entertainment offerings for all the family. Creating the finest retail experience involves a huge amount of operational overhead, so they signed up to Appointedd in 2021 to streamline their operations for internal use and online customer bookings.

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Key results


centres, and eight different use cases


increase in quarterly truck delivery bookings


increase in quarterly aqua park bookings


bookings for recruitment days

Why us?

Appointedd is the most flexible global booking system. With locations across Europe and Canada, McArthurGlen needs a software that is scalable and at the forefront of changing trends in the retail space. Appointedd is trusted by a number of the retailers within McArthurGlen, and the Appointedd team has a number of Client Partners specialized in the retail industry. Furthermore, the software offers valuable data insights on things like usage, utilization, and team capacity. 

Scalability and ease of use is key for bookable services. Appointedd’s software supports McArthurGlen’s retail experiences as customers can easily go online to book things like VIP shopping experiences, shop mobility, and premium parking. It is also used internally to streamline operations for everything from truck deliveries and recruitment. With a focus on ensuring less time is spent on manual tasks, Appointedd proved to be the perfect fit.

Why now?

As the pioneer of designer outlet retailing in Europe, McArthurGlen continues to shape the concept of destination shopping for its customers far and wide. Customer experience is at the heart of what they offer, and Appointedd allows customers to go online to plan ahead and review the various VIP experiences and accessibility support available at each location. McArthurGlen’s staff is better prepared to ensure each and every customer receives the quality experience they expect and create a personalised shopping experiences.

After using the software for customer facing booking journeys, the team at McArthurGlen realised the potential for streamlining their internal operations too. Now, Appointedd is the single source of truth for everything from recruitment days to hands free shopping.

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