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Billings & Edmonds

Appointedd was a no brainer for the team at Billings & Edmonds as they provide uniforms for multiple schools, and have customers who need an efficient and seamless process. Having previously utilised phone and email to schedule appointments, the team required a complete revamp of how they operated.

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Key results


days a week bookings are made and attended


decrease in overall cancellation rate in one quarter


cancellation rate at one location

Why us

The Billings & Edmonds team had a number of key requirements, including high levels of customization, scalability, dedicated account management and a rapid rollout.

Why now

At the time of initial conversations, the country was under Covid-19 lockdown. This added to the need for speed, meaning the Appointedd team rallied for a rapid implementation. On introducing Appointedd, Billings & Edmonds rapidly realised the operational gains for having a booking system. In addition, the level of customization meant Billings & Edmonds could uphold their brand standards to provide a seamless customer experience.

“Team Appointedd are very intuitive. They certainly seemed to understand us, who we were, and what we were about, which was key in getting to an end result that worked. All along, we got the impression that they understood us exactly for who we were and what we needed.”
Ranjan Kumar, Managing Director

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