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Given the large number of schools that Billings & Edmonds provides uniforms for, and the exacting standards of their customer base, an appointment system was needed in order to streamline operations.

In a number of Billing & Edmonds stores, appointments were bookable over the phone or via email. While functional, this system was slow and time consuming for staff who had plenty to do already. Billing & Edmonds were already seeing the need for a revamp of their booking process. Then COVID-19 hit.

Following the subsequent lockdown and government restrictions, the senior management team recognized they needed to expand their appointment capabilities and make them mandatory within all stores, to increase their efficiency and ensure the safety of both customers and staff.  

Billings & Edmonds is a school uniform provider, favoured by numerous independent schools in the south of England. Established in 1896, they have seven stores in total across the high street and locations onsite at schools. 

The challenge

The team at Billing & Edmonds recognized that they required an updated appointment system that could easily manage the complexity of their use case.

While the team had a number of key requirements that they were looking for in a booking system, including high levels of customization, scalability, and dedicated support via account management, one thing was critical above all else: a quick rollout.

With the anticipation that their stores would begin to reopen as lockdown eased, any booking system would have to be operational within a matter of weeks. Given the importance of appointments in the era of social distancing, the reopening of stores depended on it. 

“Team Appointedd is very intuitive. They certainly seemed to understand us, who we were, and what we were about, which was key in getting to an end result that worked. All along, we got the impression that they understood us exactly for who we were and what we needed.” Ranjan Kumar – Managing Director

Why Appointedd?

Ranjan Kumar, Managing Director at Billings & Edmonds, booked a consultation call with the Appointedd team after some online research. Recognizing the specific challenges, values, and urgency needed, requirements were discussed and implementation work on the accounts began within a week. 

“Team Appointedd is very intuitive,” Ranjan said. “They certainly seemed to understand us, who we were, and what we were about, which was key in getting to an end result that worked. All along, we got the impression that they understood us exactly for who we were and what we needed.”

While there are a number of online booking systems available today, Appointedd stood out to Billings & Edmonds for a number of reasons. These included the look and level of customization available through the microsites and booking tools. 

The flexibility and scalability of the system was another huge factor, as well as the fact that  customizable email communications are automatically generated through the system.

“We looked at a few competitors and they seemed very erratic,” Ranjan said. “They seemed susceptible to breaking down, and while we were aware that your cost was higher than other providers, we felt that Appointedd was a worthwhile investment because you had the best product.”

A defining factor in selecting Appointedd as the preferred supplier is due to the scalability of the system. While the initial use case of Billings & Edmonds is relatively simple in order to ensure the system is in place and functioning in line with the strict time constraints, the flexibility and scalability of the system is vast. 

“With Appointedd, there is scalability. There are other appointment options that we want to explore with Appointedd. There is even a functionality to have an appointment run via Zoom. We’re not there right now, but in due course, this is something we will be looking at.” 

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Looking to the future

With all features available to Billings & Edmonds at no additional cost, they are already looking at ways to expand their use case to maximize the potential of the Appointedd system, especially for their international customers. 

“We have a lot of overseas students and boarding schools, so it is going to be a really useful thing for Billings & Edmonds. When we were doing our due diligence of which booking provider to go with, those kinds of things, the features that will help us scale in the future, were very attractive.”