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V.Ships came to Appointedd having drained hours per week on the back and forth of manually scheduling interviews. With 3,000 shore-based staff and another 44,000 at sea, V.Ships had an essential requirement to be able to book across timezones and languages.

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Key results


days of work saved on manual scheduling


interviews scheduled in 8 months



Why us

Appointedd was the solution for V.Ships because of its multi-timezone and multi-language functionality. V.Ship’s quarterly data insights from Appointedd enable the team to monitor just how much time they’re saving on a daily basis.

Why now

With a number of systems to integrate with, Appointedd’s flexible software provided the perfect solution. As V.Ships continuously worked to digitally transform, Appointedd’s Office365 integration and open API enabled V.Ships to continue to move at pace whilst ensuring all systems were connected. With rapid implementation timelines, they were able to start saving hundreds of hours a month. In addition, Appointedd’s automated reminder emails and texts enabled candidates to stay up to date, and cancel or reschedule whenever they needed.

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