100% conversion rate from appointment to sale

Run4It is renowned for its personalised +runlab service, offered in every one of their 8 shops across Scotland. Through +runlab, Run4It helps customers find running shoes best suited to their goals and needs. The process involves an in-depth discussion about the customer’s running experience and requirements, combined with video analysis of their running gait on the treadmill. 

“Appointedd enables us to improve our customer service and manage the surge of customer bookings all at once.”
Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

A game changer

Making the +runlab service bookable via Appointedd meant customers were guaranteed undivided staff attention for the entirety of their in-store appointment. The +runlab service takes around 20-40 minutes, depending on how many shoes the customer wishes to try on.

“Our appointment service really helps the Run4It staff exceed the customer expectations and merit the price of the shoes they are selling. Customers are going to have received more from our in-store service which in turn will add greater value to their purchases.”

Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

Online booking helped us achieve a 100% conversion rate from booked appointment to sale

Before COVID-19, Run4It would experience real peaks and troughs. On Saturdays and Sundays, they had people lining up to get in-store before they had even opened. Customers would flood in all at once and mostly for their +runlab service, which was limited by the number of treadmills in-store. 

By making each treadmill bookable via Appointedd, Run4It have been able to make a safe and profitable return to retail, for both their staff and their customers.

“Having control of when and how many customers were guaranteed to come in-store has been one of the biggest gains we’ve had from Appointedd”
Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

Appointedd’s maximum occupancy feature has also enabled Run4It to maintain social distancing in-store. And with the ability to change the occupancy as guidelines change, they’re ready for whatever comes next.

Given the Covid-19 environment we’re facing, occupancy levels within Appointedd has definitely been the most valuable feature from a shop and a customer perspective.

When we re-opened after lockdown, we were able to cap our maximum capacity to two customers in each store at any one time. That’s been invaluable to us. Otherwise, there would’ve been an overwhelming amount of people in-store which would be a recipe for disaster given the circumstances.”

Since reopening, Will has said appointment booking has been the highlight for Run4It. They’re really seeing success through appointments, with 4000 to 5000 appointments booked already. “Customers are responding really well. Run4It Google reviews have gone through the roof!”

Run4It set-up automatic follow-ups which are sent via SMS after each booked appointment. The SMS simply asks each customer to leave a Google review based on their in-store experience, and well, the results speak for itself…

“The conversion is pretty much 100%. Our marketing team is really pleased with the result – at the start of the year we were probably on around 10/20 reviews a month and now suddenly 50/60 a week, so it’s really capitalised it. This will be multifactorial, as we are also selling more shoes now that we were last year!”
Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

“Having control of when and how many customers were guaranteed to come in-store has been one of the biggest gains we’ve had from Appointedd.” Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

The tools behind the success

Appointedd’s booking widget offers a frictionless, native online booking experience. It showcases Run4It’s brand at its best and provides the smoothest experience for customers.

Will said “the widget is exactly how we want it to appear. It looks like an in-house tool so it fits well with our brand image. If you go up to any of our shop doors it’s got the QR codes which take you straight to the booking widget on Run4It’s website – the customer doesn’t need to even enter the retail environment, they can just scan it from the front door.”

Run4It QR Code
From the initial discussions with Team Appointedd, Will felt the technology provided a lot of potential growth for the business.

“My mind keeps racing ahead to different ways we can innovate the Run4It business model and centre it around people scheduling their time. We’re already seeing great success with staff scheduling – to see that structured breaks have been factored in to everyone’s working day has been great for staff morale. We’re not always focussed on the commercial perspective, we also look after our staff better by scheduling their time more effectively.
Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

Being on the frontline of retail, Will expects shopping to become more efficient and for it to fit in within the shoppers schedules, saying “I would expect retail to move away from being a leisure activity to very purpose driven, which suits our appointment booking services quite well.”

Run4It Booking Widget

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Technology that grows with your business

Run4It has the expectation to grow their business with more scheduled services powered by Appointedd. Due to COVID-19 changing the shopping behaviours of customers, virtual appointments will help Run4It customers connect with a staff member, especially if they cannot access a physical store.

 “Our staff members would love to answer queries and questions and help customers buy the products remotely, which is probably one of the biggest things we’re going to get from Appointedd’s technology.”

Will went on to say more in-store services will become bookable too, like “running events or running clubs, which will negate the need to use an eventbrite type platform as well.”

“And if we introduce 2 or 3 virtual nutrition or shoe fitting consultations per week, we could then relate that to our sales and see its effectiveness. I’m quite excited to see the prospects in what we can achieve with Appointedd.”

When asked what his favourite thing about Appointedd is, Will simply answered: “Control” 

“Moving from lockdown to reopening is very much a crisis and you need to control it and have a regimented process. Appointedd allowed us to do this. We’re excited for the day when we’re in a more ‘normal’ environment and can operate a free flowing store while still offering appointments. I know Appointedd will help us balance the two, they have been invaluable as a business, and got us to where we are today.”
Will Stewart – Retail and Customer Service Manager, Run4It

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