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Flexible calendar management

Let’s get back to the basics: here’s how our booking tool works, what the calendars look like, and how you can manage your bookings using Appointedd.

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Manage your team effectively

An abundance of settings so you can go right down to the grain. No single Appointedd set up is going to be identical to another, even if it’s a similar use case, because you can completely customize it to fit your needs. Security is at the heart of everything Appointedd does. Our multi-user management system is one feature that allows you to elevate your security by allowing different users different permission levels.

Appointedd’s team management tools allow you to easily and securely manage your team. The tools are aimed to automate, sync, and streamline – so you can get back to the work you love.

  • Intuitively manage automatic comms via email and SMS.
  • Ensure your Appointedd account remains secure and only give each user access to relevant personal information setting their permission levels.
  • Compatible across Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple, and more.

Features the whole team will love

Automatic calendar sync

Across Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple, and more.

Automatic communications to the team

Automate comms via email and SMS.

User permission levels

Manage permission levels flexibly and securely.

Social sign-on with Facebook and Google

Allow your customers to book directly from their Facebook and Instagram profiles without leaving the app.

Single sign-on with SAML

Manage user access to various systems through one central Active Directory via the open standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

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Schedule multiple resources in one calendar

Above all else, Appointedd aims to save you time. Our calendar management tools are set up to ensure your bookings work with minimal manual input. Multi-resource scheduling allows you to set up each bookable thing, whether it be a person, a place, or something else. Appointedd’s evergreen product also includes a large variety of booking policy settings, as well as unlimited booking tools.

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The bread and butter of booking

Multi-tier services

Allow your customers to choose from multiple services in your business and book from one calendar.

Asset management and booking

Manage other assets that are required for the service to take effect, such as a room or desk space.

Unlimited booking tools

Engage with your customers in multiple ways to scale up as fast as possible.

Variety of online booking policy settings

Appointedd’s variety of policy settings covers everything you could ever need.

Use cases - Respond to market demands
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