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Appointedd equips global businesses with global solutions for better booking experience and simple scheduling. Our timezone scheduler streamlines your international bookings, meetings, and team management.

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Multi-timezone schedule
Appointedd removes timezone confusion from your schedule: automatically account for local timezone differences, daylight savings, and international availability.
Bookings displayed in local time
Keep booking availability reliable and up to date – available appointments are automatically displayed based on the client’s local timezone.
International team scheduling
No more 3AM meetings – remote teams can set their local timezone and working hours, so their schedule accurately corresponds to their real-time availability.

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A global scheduling solution

Appointedd’s multi-timezone scheduler is a first-of-its-kind feature that supports bookings and scheduling in every timezone. Expand your business reach and operations with a scheduling solution that can handle bookings, calendars, and team members – no matter where they are in the world.

Take the stress out of confusing timezone math with booking availability shown in local timezones, and enable your team to set their own timezone to take control of their remote working hours. International business is streamlined and schedule management for your team and customers has never been easier!

Multilocation Scheduling

Automatic timezone detection

Our timezone software equips your business with a calendar that automatically adjusts to wherever you, your team, and clients are in the world. Appointedd booking tools can be set to auto-detect your client’s timezone for their convenience when viewing booking availability.

Booking communications, such as confirmations and reminders, are automatically sent to the business, client, and resource taking into account their respective timezones for the appointment.

Seamless online booking solutions

Empower your international clients and customers to book with you confidently and conveniently. Appointedd makes your services and resources bookable online, 24/7 – from anywhere. Your clients can make a booking through your website, widgets, or social media with availability displayed in their local timezone.

This enables them to book appointments for a date and time convenient to them, with the guarantee that your team and resources are available. Eliminate the risk of unavailable or double bookings, and avoid the hassle of having to manually convert timezone. 

Mobile Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling Mobile App

Stay connected, wherever you are

Meetings across timezones are made simple with Appointedd, so your team can stay connected across the globe. Each team member can operate in a different timezone every day of the week, independent of your business operational hours and other team members’ working hours.

Appointedd gives remote team members the ability to set their own working hours and timezone schedule so that their availability for calls, meetings, and appointments is reflected accurately – no more middle of the night calls! 

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