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Intuitive online booking software for financial services

The fastest way to optimize staff efficiency across the board. Appointedd powers FTSE 100 Financial Services organisations to streamline the services they offer to clients, empowering them to book virtual and in person appointments online, 24/7

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We serve clients in more than 167 countries. That's 86% of the planet.

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Save up to 7 hours 45 minutes per team member on manual scheduling per week

35% increase in department efficiency

Optimized to take bookings in as little as 7 seconds

Proud to power 2 of the big 4 alongside

ROI Calculator

Ever wondered how much time your staff could save on manual scheduling? By using our ROI calculator, you can find out how much time, money, and resource your business will save by introducing Appointedd’s online booking tools for client scheduling.

We already work with some of the world’s best, including two of the Big 4 and leading Financial Services firms.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic variables, and we’ll tell you how much you could save with Appointedd.

Your Results

Reclaim your admin time

Save up to:

{[ dayAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per day

{[ monthAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per month

{[ yearAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per year

Multiply your revenue

Generate an extra:

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * app_cost | number:0 ]} per day

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per month

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * 12 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per year

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Interested in how Appointedd can transform your business? Speak to one of our experts about our full strategic solution.

Transforming customer service

Read how an appointment based model helped a global investment manager streamline its operations and introduce better customer service:

  • Enabled the team to flex their calendars based on demand, and adjust availability based on the amount of resources in a given skillset.
  • Elevated its professionalism and increased control of the service since moving away from the helpline.
  • Better able to triage appointments and send queries to whomever has the most expertise on the topic, relieving time constraints and creating a more enjoyable and efficient user experience.
“The feedback we’re getting is that we’re the best in the business. We’re able to respond to queries in such a way that elevates our professionalism and adds value to the advisors who rely on us.”
Technical Planner Global Investment Management Firm

Get things done quickly and securely

Appointedd’s product features are built to save time. Make your scheduling system more efficient and get time back to work on the things that matter most. Do it all while keeping all your data as secure as possible.

External calendar sync

Automatic communications via email or SMS

Single sign-on with SAML

Multi-factor authentication

Activity log

Variety of user permission levels

Customizable auto sign out

GDPR compliant CRM and marketing suites

Multi-timezone and language functionality

A strong community of partners

Appointedd’s many partnerships extend our offering even further, and offer our clients more CRM, video conferencing, online payment and data management options.

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