In this interview, we meet with Madeline Fish, Senior Client Success Manager at Appointedd. She talks about how Appointedd Reporting Suite gives clients the data insights needed to understand customer behaviour, increase conversions, build loyalty, and remain competitive.


Hi Maddy, could you please tell us a bit about you and your role here at Appointedd?

Hi, my name is Maddy and I am Senior Customer Success Manager, so I am part of the Customer Success Team as a whole. I joined Appointedd four and a half years ago now, which have flown by. But actually when I joined, I worked in many different roles within the company, so it’s been very interesting to see the company grow with all the positive changes we’ve made.

What does your role involve on a day to day basis?

My day to day job involves many things and I see it as the client journey we help our clients with. So, it can be a handover from Client Partners, as I work with them to understand what the clients are looking for in a product like Appointedd, what the key success metrics are, what they’re looking for in order to say “It’s a great product, that’s exactly what I am looking for”.

Part of my role is also to train the clients in using the product. Sometimes I meet then face to face but, since we have clients in 167 countries, very often it’s online training.

My role also involves running Quarterly Business Reviews with clients, where we review the data, making sure they can track the metrics that are relevant to them, track results against the targets they are setting and we see how they’re getting on.

Could you give us an overview of the type of data that clients can gather from the Appointedd Reporting Suite?

We built a Data Insights dashboard which has been fantastic! What it allows clients to do is log in and access the Data Insights portal where there are a lot of different types of data. They can see, for example, how many bookings have been made, what date they have been created, what day of the week – which helps them gain seasonal insights – what’s been most popular, how many clients are not showing up at events, and many more. There is a plethora of data they can access.

What’s also important is that they can decide who has access to these data. So, if the Head Office wants to select a few people, we can do that. Everything is very much in their control.

When clients log in to the Data Insights portal, the data are presented in an illustrative way, with pie charts and bar charts, but they can also be downloaded. So, clients can download it via SVC file or Excel Sheets and then they can manipulate them further.

Every client I work with uses these data. They’re used by the Head Office to understand the bigger picture and return on investment, and by operational staff to understand where they need to allocate resources, or similar. A lot of our clients find these data very useful.

Could you give us a few examples of how can clients use these practical insights to improve operational efficiency and drive more revenue?

Any data can be a key part of the decision making progress. What I find with our clients is that different data is important for different departments. For example, Harrods events use the data to really understand the uptake of their events by looking at how many people are booking and how much revenue they’re generating from those events. And that data is also very useful, for example, to Frasers Group to understand what services are actually the most popular. Charlotte Tilbury is running many different masterclasses, and they can see what’s most popular, if the services, the type of masterclass or the person whom people are there to see. So they can really understand what drives demand and conversion.

The data offers Head Office an understanding of the bigger picture and the return on investment, and then further down the data offers the marketing team when people are booking and what they are booking, gaining important insights for running campaigns. And then the store team can use these data from an operational level to allocate resources. So they are really valuable for different departments across the business.

How do data insights provide clients with a competitive edge?

I think that for many clients I work with, the data is a key thing for experimentation, which is great to see. Because they have these data at their fingertips, they can run a two-week trial of a new service, and see immediately if there is an uptake or not. For example, Mamas & Papas have been offering the personal shopping but now they’ve changed it to Buying for Baby, so they’re tracking their conversions and reviewing their service offering. This is the kind of thing that really give company a competitive edge.

Any exciting new project you’re working on at the moment?

What I am working on at the moment that’s really exciting is how we can share the data with our clients but also with the other partners we work with and they use. Then, clients can also share these data with their marketing platforms and CRM systems, and create that full circle, which is really exciting.

Published on 15 February 2023