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The most flexible scheduling system for automotive

Appointedd’s online booking platform enables you to automate the appointment scheduling process. Save time, increase sales revenue, and start streamlining:

  • Onboard every test drive onto a customer journey
  • Increase attendees at launch events
  • Facilitate direct sales to consumers online
  • Streamline vehicle leasing and fleet management
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Why Appointedd?

Stay ahead of the curve as the trend in automotive sales shifts from a dealership to a sales agency model. Build meaningful customer relationships using Appointedd. Easy for your customers and your staff to use, and you can fully protect your brand with our deeply customizable software.

Make meaningful strategic decisions that increase your booking numbers and revenue based on the insights achieved by our data reporting suite. On top of the in-app reports, you’ll receive quarterly 1:1s with a Client Partner who specializes in the industry.

Car dealerships

Increase test drive numbers alongside revenue.


Control the customer relationship; integrate with your CRM and offer virtual support for buying online.

Service garages

Allow drivers to book car services using a software that’s easy for them, and easy for you.

Discover your ROI

Use our interactive ROI calculator.

By manipulating the calculator, you can get a clearer idea of what kind of revenue you can expect from using Appointedd.

We have a wide variety of stats and testimonials that show our worth in the automotive industry. If you want to know more, please get in touch.

The proof is in the numbers

Don’t just take our word for it – see how our work translates to real revenue.


of bookings come directly from the client's website


in revenue driven directly from booked appointments


of appointments resulted in a sale


Of test drives were booked at least two weeks in advance


are the most popular day for bookings

Features valued by automotive clients

Customizable booking tools

  • Visually completely suited to your brand
  • Conditional booking questions to customize your booking flow
  • File upload option (particularly useful for garages)
  • Custom confirmation, reminder, and follow-up comms

Open API and webhooks

Connect with the software of your choice, including:

  • External CRMs
  • Dealer Management Systems
  • Workshop Management Systems

Automated and smart communications

  • Choose between email, SMS, or both
  • Completely customize the copy and images
  • Customize the timeline of your reminders and follow-ups
  • Smart filter communications for higher levels of personalization

Accept online payments

Integrations that facilitate direct online payments, including Stripe.

Booking widget for House of Frasers

Manage teams effortlessly

A software that is easy for staff to use

  • Two way calendar sync
  • Mobile app
  • Multiple permission levels
  • Multiple languages

Trusted by dealerships and agencies

To unleash their full potential

Car dealerships use Appointedd’s online booking and scheduling system to:

  • Improve the customer experience by enabling clients to book test drives and appointments in just two taps
  • Save time and automate appointment confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows by up to 67%
  • Generate more sales revenue by increasing test drive bookings and taking online payments
  • Build buzz around launch events

Control the customer relationship

Building a bond between the manufacturer, and its customers

Appointedd works with OEMs to build one of a kind customer journeys optimized for success. Appointedd’s

  • Data reporting suite,
  • Booking flow customization, and
  • 5,000+ integrations

All work to help OEMs to facilitate virtual support for online shoppers, and increase direct sales to online consumers.

Service garages that innovate, accelerate

Meet your customers online

Appointedd allows your customers to easily book their service with you straight from your website, or social media. With us, your staff will enjoy:

  • Two way calendar sync, so they’re never double booked
  • Open API and webhooks, so it can integrates with your existing software
  • Multiple language functionality in-app

Appointedd is easy to use, and quick to onboard. Book a call with one of our automotive experts today, and we could get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

The flexible solution for innovative automotive companies

Use Appointedd for vehicle leasing or fleet management

Vehicle Leasing:
  • Facilitate vehicle leasing for both corporate and individual clients
  • Bookable appointments with Sales Managers to explore leasing options and maintenance packages, for corporate and individual clients
  • Organise test drive events for prospective customers
Fleet Management Support:
  • Seamlessly integrate our booking tool into your fleet management platform
  • Power bookable fleet test drive events, offering a seamless experience for exploring fleet options and collecting valuable data insights to qualify corporate customers
  • Streamline fleet vehicle service bookings for minimised vehicle downtime

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Founder & CEO

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Client Partner

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Client Success Manager