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AppInstitute is an online app-builder platform which enables small businesses to create their own mobile apps. As an Appointedd partner, AppInstitute users can seamlessly integrate a booking function into their app. The team at AppInstitute also utilises Appointedd booking microsites to allow customers to book support sessions and demos to drive sales.

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AppInstitute is a an easy app builder that allows businesses to create their own mobile apps without the need for coding or complicated development. Having a customized app allows businesses to promote loyalty among their customer base and take advantage of push notifications for promotion.

The challenge

AppInstitute was looking for a flexible scheduling tool to manage their  support for existing customers. The business required a system that would allow team members to provide high quality service while managing their time efficiently. “We have a number of departments in the office, so when evaluating which platform to use, we needed to make sure it was flexible,” explains Mark.

The solution

In order to improve time management when handling support with customers, AppInstitute needed a scheduling tool that could support many individual calendars on a single system, with the ability to easily allow customers to book appointments.

Why Appointedd?

“Currently we use Appointedd to support our existing customers, giving them the ability to book in with our Customer Success Manager who supports our reseller channel. The sales team is split between resellers and direct customers,” says Mark.

With Appointedd’s flexible model, the system seamlessly scales up along with the business: “Should a new member be added to the team, it’s incredibly easy to add them in and get them set-up.”

There’s also scope for expanding the functionality of the software as requirements evolve: “We mainly use the services and booking apps at the moment. We haven’t yet done any work with the API, but it’s great to know it’s there if we would like to.”

The result

The team at AppInstitute each have their own booking app, which allows clients to book with them directly based on their live availability, just by clicking a link in their email signature. “The team have their own booking link in their signatures, making it easy for customers to book in a demo or an app review at a time and date that works for them.”

“Dealing with so many customers is quite a challenge, so having a system to take care of booking and appointment scheduling makes life much easier. And customers love it. Great product, great value. As we’re working in partnership and referring customers to each other, it complements our product perfectly.”

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