Aquarius Contact Centre

Aquarius is Scotland’s only homeworker call centre, with operators working from their own homes, answering calls for more than 300 clients. Aquarius partners with Appointedd to streamline and offer their clients a calendar management service. Roddy Forfar told us why Aquarius chose to partner with Appointedd to streamline and simplify their calendar management service.

Aquarius Contact Centre provides their services to over 200 different companies and their clients on a daily basis. Their ethos is to provide the highest possible level of customer service through highly valued, highly trained, and fully supported professionals.


The challenge

Aquarius was looking for a tool that would allow them to offer an efficient calendar management service to their clients, without the need to juggle a number of different systems.

“We’ve been tied up in Google calendars, Outlook schedules, Apple calendars as well. There’s so much variety out there,” says Managing Director, Roddy Forfar.

After attempts to establish a single system for calendar management fell through due to restrictions on the calendar client would be able to use, Aquarius was ready to try something different. “We saw the value in having a single system that all of our customers could feed into.”

“The biggest issue for us is keeping things consistent,” explains Roddy. “Having variants of Google calendars, Microsoft calendars, Apple calendars, plus all the third party booking software that our customers come to us with really makes it complex. As we grow we need to keep things simple so that our operators can do the best job possible for our customers.”

Our staff love it. It’s easy to use, it just flows really easily... The simplicity of the model works well for us. Roddy Forfar – Managing Director

The solution

Aquarius needed a system which would allow the operators to add appointments to clients’ calendars using one simple tool while allowing clients to continue using their existing calendar without disruption.

Why Appointedd?


Appointedd’s two-way calendar sync is ideal for Aquarius, as it allows the call centre to offer a smooth and efficient calendar management service without the headache of juggling multiple calendar providers.

By integrating Appointedd booking apps directly into their internal call centre software, operators can input appointments taken over the phone for their clients. No switching from Google to Outlook to Apple and back again, just a seamless service for their customers.


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The result

A major benefit of Appointedd, Roddy tells us, is how easy it is for everyone to use. “Our team find it really easy to make appointments for our customers and it works really well for us.

“Our staff love it. Appointedd makes a big difference for our operators, and to the service our customers receive as well. It’s easy to use, it just flows and makes it really simple for them to make the appointments. And our customers love it. They have access to the booking system on their phone, and they get an email confirmation of any bookings they get.

“Appointedd’s functionality is head and shoulders above where everybody else is.”


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