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Scott Parker Studio

Photographer and founder of Scott Parker Studio, Scott uses Appointedd to keep his business growing and win more clients while freeing up time for the important things, like taking quality photos.

More Business, Minimal Hassle
scott_parker_fb_profile.jpg Many solo business owners find it a challenge to keep filling the appointment books while providing excellent service. To promote his studio Scott uses daily deal sites to sell appointments, but he found that a good portion of the customers purchasing those deals failed to show up, causing a loss for his business. “Appointedd has been a godsend for my business as I do a lot of work with daily deal sites like Groupon and Wowcher,” he says. “While these sites are great at raising my profile, often customers make bookings and don’t show up. Appointedd has totally cured this by enabling me to take deposits for shoots. This means we have fewer no-shows and, if they fail to show up, I don’t lose out.”

“My life really is a lot easier with Appointedd because the customers can help themselves. I don’t need to be in an email chain back and forth with customers – they can just book online.”

Scott Parker

With Appointedd, not only has Scott streamlined the process of taking bookings, he’s actually increased the number of appointments he receives:

“I find that I get more bookings now as some people don’t like calling up and prefer to do it online,” he explains. “Not only has it increased bookings it has also increased my time; I can now spend more time on marketing, as Appointedd cuts out the email chains back and forth with customers.”

“My customers also love it and its ease of use. It helps them to check when we are available for them to come in instead of them wasting their time calling and not getting an answer if we’re busy.”

Scott Parker



Working with Appointedd has helped Scott to grow his business for over two years.

“We are now using online booking as the main way to get our customers to book in with us,” he says. “But even if people insist on booking via the phone, Appointedd helps us streamline the process. It is really handy to send people a link to pay their deposit online, as some customers don’t always have their credit/debit card to hand.”


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