Before and After Online Booking: Changing the Way Your Agents Arrange Viewings ?

• 04/17/2017 9:27 AM
Consider the scenario that the average house buyers are people who work full time and only have the evenings to sit down together and browse property listings, online of course. They then have to make a note of the agency details for any they want to view, decide who calls in the morning, and somehow coordinate a mutually convenient time for everyone. How long does this process take? Anything up to a few days in some cases, particularly if you are communicating via email. Not only is this inconvenient for buyers, but it takes precious time away from your agents who could otherwise be using this time to conduct other business. Read More
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Customer Case Study: Maloco & Associates

• 03/31/2017 9:16 AM
Things are moving fast in the world of estate agency. From hybrid agencies to virtual viewings and selling houses on Snapchat, the modern estate agent has a lot to get to grips with. So we spoke to one forward-thinking agency, Maloco & Associates, about how they are making the most of the new online tools at their disposal.Michael Maloco started his Dunfermline-based estate agency and solicitors firm in 2006. For eight out of the last ten years, Maloco & Associates has been the number one selling agency in the area and has won several industry awards in that time. We spoke to Michael about the business, challenges in the industry, and how Appointedd is helping them embrace new opportunities. Read More
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