Appointedd has some of the most wonderful customers around (we’re only a little bit biased), many of whom have been using our online booking tools to grow their businesses for years. They know how to give their customers the VIP treatment, and they’ve turned from customers into fans of Appointedd because we love helping them do it.

When it comes to customers, one loyal evangelist for your business is worth so much more than several one-time or short-lived clients. It’s all about making them feel how much they’re appreciated with quality service and attention. Here are some ways you can start turning your customers into fans right now.

1. Deliver what they signed up for

Whether you’re designing their website, selling them hand knitted alpaca wool mittens, or giving them legal advice, make sure what you provide is what you promised. It’s all very well bigging up your service or product, but customers won’t stick around or be back any time soon if they feel they’ve been hoodwinked. Being amazing is the best business plan you can have.

2. Make it easy for them to contact you

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to get through to someone when you need help. Making yourself available to your customers when they need you will help them see you as reliable and caring. For more advice on delivering outstanding customer support, take a look at this blog from the Appointedd support team.

3. Ask for their feedback

Without your customers your business wouldn’t be able to exist, so thinking about what they would like to see from you is important. You can’t please everyone in all things, but just seeking input and then giving it thought and consideration is a big way to show that you are working to give them the best service possible.

4. Give them special treatment

No one expects you give out endless freebies or business-crushing discounts willy nilly, but giving your best customers the odd bit of special treatment will definitely do your reputation a world of good. If someone’s been coming to you to get their hair cut for years, giving them a cheeky £10 off when you’ve just heard all about the crazy week they’re having isn’t just a nice gesture, it’s an investment in your relationship and the future of their custom.

Turning customers into fans is key to building long-term customer loyalty, the kind that will sustain your business for years to come.

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Published on 13 November 2018