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Connect Appointedd and Xero

Manage your finances and cashflow, generate real time reports, and send out customizable invoices with Xero and Appointedd.

When you connect Appointedd with Xero, the two systems share data between them so you don’t have to duplicate information:

  • Staff profiles in Appointedd become employees in Xero
  • Customer info in Appointedd become contacts in Xero and vice versa
  • Services become inventory in Xero
  • Bookings made through Appointedd are created as invoices in Xero

About Xero

Xero is leading accounting software that allows you to run your business from anywhere, easily sending invoices, tracking cash flow, managing payroll, and more.

About Appointedd

Appointedd’s online booking and scheduling software is an advanced, flexible time management solution for business at every level. Integrate Appointedd with a host of leading business tools for streamlined business management.

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