Help your team convert more prospects into sales

Appointedd’s smart scheduling platform enables sales teams of all sizes to engage with more prospects and maximize sales conversion

Whether your sales and business development teams are regional, national, multinational, or even global, scheduling and confirming sales appointments is a frustrating, inefficient challenge faced by all. Appointedd’s smart platform helps to recover efficiency and improve results by reducing friction in this process.

Driving conversion and increasing productivity

Appointedd drives inbound bookings by allowing businesses to embed booking links within websites and online advertising, and by enabling sales personnel to attach booking links within their emails. Encourage engagement by offering prospects and clients the convenience of booking calls and consultations, at a time that suits them, directly into a salesperson’s calendar.

By helping to reduce the time and difficulty associated with booking calls and meetings, Appointedd’s intuitive scheduling tools allow your teams to focus more of their time being productive and converting sales.

Better preparation, more meaningful engagement

Appointedd’s booking platform allows all sales reps to set questions aimed at capturing pertinent information during the booking process. This enables them to understand how qualified the prospect is, where they are in the funnel, what level to pitch, and more.

The platform allows time buffers to be built in to enable the salesperson to prepare for the call by reviewing this information, and use the time at the end of the call to undertake activities such as scheduling next steps, updating CRM, and preparing proposals. Sales reps enter calls and meetings well prepared to ensure positive outcomes, and exit them with a process to help drive results quickly.

Easy implementation and integration

Appointedd doesn’t replace existing systems and calendars, it simply layers onto the tools your organization already uses. Two-way calendar sync allows salespeople to manage time in their existing calendar with real-time availability presented to prospects and customers to book meetings and calls. Appointedd’s industry first multi-timezone management capability removes confusion and prevents missed appointments by enabling prospects to see your reps’ available time slots in their own timezone. The two-way calendar sync also carries across all booking information to ensure the reps have everything they need in one place. Integration with CRM systems, such as Salesforce, is supported to enable all information to be maintained and opportunities to be managed through the pipeline.

Appointedd helps your teams to make the most of their time, remove timezone headaches, and prevent double and missed bookings to maximize efficiency, productivity, and results.

Facilitate the buying journey

Allow your customers to set the agenda. Appointedd’s booking platform allows sales organizations to offer an unlimited range of bookable options. In the context of new business development you may want to offer and initial product or service overview, a detailed technical discovery session, or a product demonstration, for example. Offer your customers the ability to book calls or meetings to deal with monthly or quarterly reviews, escalations, and service expansion. All of this is easy to set up and amend as and when required through Appointedd’s intuitive setup menu.

Implementing Appointedd enables prospects and customers to book appointments not just when they want, but also to cover specifically what they want. By knowing exactly what a prospect or customer wants to discuss, organizations can plan the optimal resource allocation to ensure expectations are met and best results are achieved in each and every interaction.

Standardizing process delivers value through consistency

Appointedd will deliver ‘brand standard’ communication at scale through the smart booking and communication flows during and after the booking process. This ensures consistency of customer experience, with all customers and prospects seeing, hearing, and feeling the same, irrespective of which rep they interact with.

Perhaps your teams are too autonomous and you now want them all to follow a standard methodology: Appointedd allows you to retrofit your vision of best practice and helps you to achieve a consistent customer journey, and implement templates for common behaviour across your teams.

Improve onboarding and management of sales reps

Onboarding new staff members and upskilling junior team members is easier and completed in a shorter timeframe, with the Appointedd platform creating a framework within which staff can learn how the sales process works, what information is needed and when, how to qualify, and how to move prospects through the pipeline.

Appointedd also provides sales leaders with a dashboard of management information and statistics on a team or individual level to let you see what’s working and what’s not, and who your top performers are.

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