Frictionless meeting scheduling for sales teams

Capture more leads and increase efficiency across your sales teams with Appointedd’s integrated, online meeting scheduling system. Organize sales calls with ease, reduce sales admin, and make meetings more productive.

Appointedd is proud to power:

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Online scheduling for sales
Online booking tools enable sales prospects to self-schedule calls and meetings based on real-time schedule availability.
Engage with international leads
Mutli-timezone and language functionalities enable you to engage with leads no matter where they are in the world.
Reduce scheduling friction
A central calendar system gives a complete overview of your entire sales team’s availability - no more overbooking!
Capture important information
Make meetings more productive with information and insights captured from leads at the time of booking.
Integrate your sales tools
Appointedd easily integrates with your current sales tools including calendars, Salesforce, and Zoom.

Try it yourself and unlock more opportunities

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“96.4% of customers that use the app book an appointment. This has really helped streamline our sales business. The team at Appointedd has been so helpful in creating the look and feel that is amazing for our sales teams and friendly to our customers.”

Vice President – SMB & Inside Sales, Iron Mountain

Save time and close more deals

Give leads and prospects the ability to self-schedule calls and meetings online, 24/7. Appointedd’s booking tools are easily embedded onto your existing website, and can be linked to directly from emails and sales marketing.

Over a third of a typical sales team’s time is spent on admin, rather than generating sales – Appointedd cuts through the chaos so your team can spend less time on unnecessary back and forth, and more time closing deals. 

Mobile Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling On A Laptop

Engage and capture leads

Appointedd empowers your sales teams to approach leads with confidence with the tools to increase engagement and secure sales. Booking links and widgets give prospects and clients the convenience of booking calls and consultations directly into a salesperson’s calendar, at a time that suits them.

Our smart global scheduling features also enable you to engage effortlessly with international leads, with appointments available in their local timezone and booking tools presented in their preferred language.  

Speed up your pipeline

Efficiency is key for your sales teams to engage and secure leads, and close deals. Appointedd supports your teams at every stage in the pipeline – from friction-free call scheduling to complete schedule visibility.

Smart tools such as appointment buffers enable dedicated time for call prep, scheduling next steps, updating your CRM, and preparing proposals. Our seamless scheduling promotes positive outcomes while streamlined processes at every stage reduce the sales cycle. 

Virtual Appointment

Try it yourself and unlock more opportunities

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“Because Appointedd integrates into our website so easily, we are now starting to take bookings from new clients who are finding our website online and just booking directly. Our customers have mentioned that they really like the fact that Appointedd automatically handles the sending of booking confirmation emails and that it provides a link which allows them to cancel or modify the booking at a later date if required.”

Andy Gillen – Managing Director, Hudson House Business Centre

Resource Scheduling On A Tablet

Increase meeting and call productivity

Optimize the meetings and calls you schedule with two-way calendar sync and booking questions. Calendar sync allows sales reps to update their schedule on the go, with their real-time availability presented to prospects and clients – reducing overbooking and missed opportunities.

Booking questions can also be set by sales reps to capture essential information at the time of booking  for more productive calls and meetings. Find out how qualified your prospects are, where they are in the funnel, what level to pitch at, and more. 

Clear reporting

Appointedd’s powerful reporting functionality allows you to track vital KPIs such as total inbound sales calls, service demand, productivity, and cancellations.

You can also review individual resource activity, reports on specific services, and filter by date range to allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your whole sales team. Gain insights into where your inbound sales calls are being generated (landing pages, booking widgets, social media) and learn where to focus marketing and sales resources to maximize conversion.

Business Reports
Booking Widget On Multiple Devices

Booking tools that blend in

Appointedd’s customizable booking tools enable you to seamlessly offer online booking for sales enquiries. Our tools are customizable to reflect your brand, website, and services and can be embedded onto your existing website as a widget, or via a ‘book now’ button.

Leads can view availability and book through tools with your brand colors, imagery, custom flow, and custom questions. 

Try it yourself and unlock more opportunities

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“Appointedd has been a huge benefit in our business which has been liberated from time consuming manual bookings, not to mention the ease of use for our end customers. The team at appointedd are really engaged in understanding the nuances in our business to ensure we are always getting the most from their expertise.”

One of Appointedd’s enterprise clients

Simple and quick implementation

Start capturing more sales leads with Appointedd’s fuss-free scheduling system that is simple to implement and adopt. Our tools offer user-friendly navigation for both your sales reps and prospects, and extensive account support helps you and your team get the most out of your booking tools and account features.

Our dedicated account managers can also work with you to ensure your Appointedd booking software is configured to achieve the results that matter to you. 

Virtual Consultation
Appointedd Zoom Video Conferencing Integration

Build a booking system that suits you

Appointedd is so much more than a call scheduler – we provide enterprises with bespoke, evergreen solutions to their sales scheduling requirements. Our software layers onto the tools you already use, even custom built systems, for little to no change management thanks to our API.

Appointedd integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce, online calendars, and Zoom and MS Teams to enable your reps to seamlessly manage opportunities throughout your pipeline, and close deals quicker. 

Stay secure and compliant

Data compliance and account security is always a priority with Appointedd. We hold industry recognized credentials, including ISO 27001, and comply with the GDPR through a CRM system that automatically generates a compliant digital audit trail of all customer interactions.

We are committed to meeting the most stringent security requirements in relation to how we manage our own business data, your data, and your customer’s data.

ISO 27001 Certification Icon


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