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Conduct more interviews, save time

With as much as 14 minutes spent organizing the average candidate or client meeting, Appointedd can save valuable time. Your recruitment teams can share booking links within their emails to encourage engagement, offering candidates and clients the convenience of booking calls, interviews, or training, at a time that suits both parties. Appointedd’s intuitive scheduling tools allow your teams to schedule more interviews while freeing up time to deliver a stellar service and fill more jobs.

Powerful online scheduling system

Recruiters can set questions aimed at capturing essential information during the booking process to understand how qualified candidates are, what role they are most interested in, expected salary, etc. Time buffers can be added, allowing your team to prepare before meeting a candidate or client, and use time at the end of the meeting to schedule next steps, update your CRM, or prepare job offers. Preparation promotes positive outcomes, and streamlined processes increase productivity.

“Integrating new software in a multi-level business is often a challenge, but the team at Appointedd have been adaptable, flexible, and met our needs along the way.”

Kal Kukadia – Global Recruitment Director, V.Ships

Hassle-free appointment booking tool

Global recruitment teams trust Appointedd to deliver a progressive and seamless recruitment process to candidates and help streamline operational efficiencies for hiring managers. Appointedd’s online booking tools generate a 93.6% booking completion rate when candidates and clients book calls, interviews and training sessions directly from emails, marketing and your website. Appointedd simply equips your team with the technology and time to fill more jobs and generate a greater return on investment.

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Effective candidate management

Appointedd isn’t just an effective interview scheduling software, it can be used to elevate your candidate and client management too. Individual recruiters can invite their new or existing candidates to book online for career updates, at a time and date that suits both parties. If candidates or clients require support or guidance from another team member, our booking widgets automatically direct their booking to the relevant member of staff, depending on the chosen service, including human resources, training, billing and more!

Advanced business reporting

Appointedd’s powerful reporting functionality allows you to track vital KPIs such as total calls, interviews, job offers, and cancellations. You can also review individual resource activity and reports on specific services or industries, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire recruitment team, whether they are regional, national or international.

Gain insights into where your candidate interests are being generated – such as different website landing pages, microsites, or social media. Learn where to focus on marketing and sales resources to maximize conversion, and compare online and offline bookings for a holistic measure of cross-channel interactions.

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Interviews integrated with your calendar

Appointedd layers onto the tools your organization already uses, even custom built systems, with little to no change management thanks to Appointedd’s API. Two-way calendar sync allows recruiters and hiring managers to manage their existing calendar with real-time availability presented to candidates and clients. Appointedd’s industry-first, multi-timezone management capability removes confusion and prevents missed appointments. Integration with CRM systems empowers your teams to manage opportunities with flexibility and ease.