Interview scheduling software for recruitment teams

Simplify recruitment process with automated interview scheduling

Appointedd is proud to power:

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Time-saving scheduling tools
Keep calendars up to date and reduc manual admin so your recruiters can focus on filling jobs, instead of filling in forms.
Self-scheduling for candidates
Online booking tools enable candidates and clients to self-schedule appointments and interviews based on real-time availability.
Streamline client management
Direct candidates to the relevant team member, keep recruitment notes centralized, and schedule time for interview prep.
Global recruitment
Multi-timezone and language features make it effortless to engage and schedule with global teams and international candidates.
An integrated solution
Appointedd integrates with a range of practical business tools, including any of the systems you already use in your team.

Save time and schedule more

On average it takes 14 minutes to organize a candidate. Appointedd can give you back this valuable time as candidates and clients book calls, interviews, and training online in as little as 7 seconds.

Your hiring managers can share booking links within emails, and offer candidates and clients a way to book at their convenience – on your website, app, or social media. Appointedd’s intuitive scheduling tools empower candidates to self-schedule interviews, freeing up recruitment team to focus on service and fill more jobs. 

Booking Confirmation
Appointment Scheduling On A Laptop

Streamline your interview scheduling

Global recruitment teams trust Appointedd to streamline operational efficiencies for hiring managers and recruiters. Our online booking tools generate a 94.6% booking completion rate when candidates and clients book calls, interviews, and training sessions.

Your hiring managers  can set questions aimed at capturing essential information during the interview scheduling process to understand candidate qualifications, role interests, or expected salary. 

Appointedd equips your team with the technology to improve efficiency and generate a greater ROI

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“The V.Ships Quarterly Report is one of my favourite to prepare – from 140+ days saved on scheduling to 46% more bookings, it’s so great to know Appointedd is helping drive those results.”

Domonique Shelton – Account Manager, Appointedd

Manage candidates effectively

Choose Appointedd to elevate your interview scheduling process and your candidate and client management. Individual hiring managers can invite new or existing candidates to book online for career updates, at a time and date that is convenient to all.

If your candidates or clients require support or guidance from a specific team member, our booking widgets automatically direct their booking to the relevant member of staff for the chosen service – HR, training, billing, and more. 

Virtual Meetings Appointment Scheduling App
business reporting online booking appointedd

Advanced business reporting

Appointedd’s powerful reporting functionality allows you to track vital KPIs such as total calls, interviews and cancellations. You can also review individual resource activity and reports on specific services or industries, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire recruitment team – regional, national or international.

We are committed to keeping your data secure which is why we already comply with stringent security requirements and use automated, secure data back-ups. Appointedd is ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus certified, and we comply with the GDPR and more.

Sync recruiters schedules

Two-way calendar sync allows recruiters and hiring managers to manage their existing calendar, with their real-time availability presented to candidates and clients that are booking calls, interviews, and more.

Appointedd integrates with major online calendars to enable your team to access full visibility of their recruitment and interview calendar from their external schedule, wherever they are. A more connected and responsive calendar provides your recruiters, candidates, and clients with an accurate and reliable schedule they can trust. 

Calendar Integration Online Booking System

Learn how Appointedd can be implemented with minimal change management

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“Integrating new software in a multi-level business is often a challenge, but the team at Appointedd have been adaptable, flexible, and met our needs along the way.”

Kal Kukadia – Global Recruitment Director, V.Ships

Mobile Booking App

Improve insights and communications

Remove friction from candidate and client communications with automated email and SMS. For each booking made, a confirmation will be automatically sent followed by a reminder, and a follow-up notification. Appointedd automates communications so you can save time on manual emails and calls, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 67%.

Create and customize your own communications and marketing, and utilize Appointedd’s powerful CRM to add custom CRM fields to enhance insights and target campaigns.

Virtual appointments and events

Diversify your service offering with smart recruitment software integrations that allow your business to flex with the virtual and remote requirements of your recruiters, candidates, and clients. Appointedd’s native Zoom integration empowers your business to incorporate automated interview scheduling seamlessly into the recruitment process.

For any meeting or interview scheduled in Appointedd, a Zoom link is automatically generated and distributed to all attendees – you’ll save time and connect with candidates with ease.

Virtual Consultation

Appointedd equips your team with the technology to improve efficiency and generate a greater ROI

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“I oversee a global team and Appointedd enables a strategic focus and overview to monitor performance. I can compare with other sectors of the business, encouraging discussion and adjustments to the way we work.”

Lucy Hodgson – Global Recruitment Manager, V.Ships

Online Booking System On Many Devices

Integrate your CRM and ATS

Drive recruitment by seamlessly syncing customer information and insights from Appointedd to your Salesforce CRM. Appointedd layers onto the tools your organization already uses, even custom built systems, with little to no change management thanks to our API.

Our team of product experts can work with you to configure a Salesforce integration that meets your specific requirements, is easily scaled, and fully customizable. Share key customer details and interactions across recruitment software to improve insights and streamline your hiring process from start to finish. 

Connect on a global scale

If you handle business internationally then your interview scheduling should too. Appointedd is equipped with multiple language and timezone functionalities to make international recruitment and global team collaboration simple and stress-free.

Candidates can make bookings in their native language and, no matter where they are in the world, Appointedd auto-detects location so booking availability is displayed in their own timezone. Hiring managers can also set their own timezone to suit their location and working hours for better schedule visibility across your whole team. 


Interview scheduling software integrations

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