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Drive footfall to stores and increase personalized, profitable engagements with your customers

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Online booking and scheduling software - Appointedd

Engage customers online and in store

Appointedd’s customizable online booking apps allow your customers to make quick, easy bookings for many in-store services such as personal styling and shopping, dress and suit fittings, beauty consultations, store events, and more. Create a seamless omnichannel experience by bridging the gap between your online browsers and in-store shoppers to increase footfall, dwell time, and loyalty.

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Increase sales with experiential shopping

Offer customers the flagship experience in every store with 24/7 booking for all your in-store services, freeing up your associates to focus on the customers in front of them. Bringing customers in-store for their appointments promotes strong, meaningful relationships and increases opportunities for cross-selling and impulse buys to boost spend per customer.

experiential shopping - online booking
Booking personal styling appointments online

Brand consistency across the board

Appointedd’s booking tools and automated communications are customizable to keep your brand front and center throughout the customer journey. Booking apps can be matched to your brand colours to stay in-keeping with your website design, while the booking flow is completely customizable to give your customers the most streamlined and enjoyable experience. Email and SMS confirmations, reminders, and notifications are also highly customizable, to maintain the character of your brand across touchpoints.

What can you do with Appointedd?
Build customer loyalty with improved service and highly tailored experiences
Drive footfall to physical stores with quick, convenient online booking for in-store services
Personalize the customer journey with essential customer information stored in the CRM suite
Reduce costs and grow revenue by improving efficiency of sales and increasing revenue per customer
Differentiate the brand from competitors with advanced, progressive online tools
Influence buying habits and create more opportunities to sell by increasing engagement