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Alice Beeby

Client Director

I’m Alice Beeby! I joined Appointedd in December 2019 as an Account Manager and have since worked my way up in the company to Client Director! I absolutely love getting to know our clients well, what their goals are and how Appointedd can solve problems for them and delight their end user. It’s been amazing to grow relationships and elevate the Appointedd network.

What I love the most is not only Head Office seeing increase in sales and improved customer journeys, but the day to day users being able to better plan their days.

I recently presented at the Retail Technology Show (2022) with Clive Hudson, the Senior programme Manager of M&S. We spoke about improving omnichannel sales and the customer journey. This is something we’ve been able to support M&S do with our live video technology partner Go Instore. As a result M&S have been able to enable their online customers to engage with store staff from the comfort of their own home. Omnichannel customer journeys are a huge opportunity for retailers – the ability to give customers the options for how and where to shop is one of the key benefits of Appointedd’s tech!

You can book a chat with me here.