Let us ask you: What’s most important to your business?

Making money? Growth? Or customer satisfaction? Whatever it is, I bet you’ll agree customers are pretty high on that list (if not the top). Because if you take care of them, you’re already winning.

This quote sums things up nicely:

“Customers are the beating heart of every business”.

Amen to that!

They’re the bread to your butter. The fish to your chips. The dog to your bone. Whether they’re old, new borrowed, or blue – keeping them happy is what keeps your business running each day. That’s a fact.

But managing them takes time – which is something you don’t have a lot of. And time is also super important to business growth and success.

As a small business owner, do you feel your work-load is overwhelming at times? Your tasks never-ending? An average day consists of serving customers, managing payments, training staff, admin, booking appointments, marketing, and… WOAH. Let’s stop there, as that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you’re a hairdresser, photographer, DJ, tour guide, or masseuse. So you make your money by selling your time – meaning it’s even more precious. What’s more is that customers aren’t showing-up for their appointments. Boo-hoo! As once that time has gone, there’s no getting it back. So buh-bye business opportunity.

To sum up –

  • Your customers aren’t getting the attention they deserve
  • Your time is limited and super precious
  • Customers aren’t showing up meaning lost revenue

Yikes! What a palava. How can this be helped?

Enter Appointedd. An easy-to-use appointment booking and business management software that rocks.

Here’s why.

Allow your customers to book online. Anytime. Anywhere.

Not open at weekends? No dramas! Your customers don’t have to wait until Monday anymore. They can see availability and book easily through your website, Facebook, or even your free customisable microsite. Some of our customers find that over 50% of their bookings are made online, saving them tons of time and giving their customers the best service possible.

Take payments and deposits online.

Avoid the awkward hassle of asking for money. Make the price clear beforehand and manage admin with FreeAgent. Secure deposits prior to appointments to increase the chance of customers showing-up. Save time by allowing secure online payments with Stripe. Good stuff!

Manage all your appointments in a flash.

No more scribbling, searching, or waiting to get to the office to see what’s happening. It’s time to step into the 21st century. Wave goodbye to that appointment book or diary and move everything online. Simple. Accessible. Clear. Available 24/7 on your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Use our super-powered reminder service.

Decrease the amount of no-shows by giving your customer a gentle nudge. Our email and text reminder service is your hero. It’s already helping other small businesses just like you. Fabulous.

Create meaningful customer profiles.

No need to keep asking Mrs. Jones for her email. Because ta-da! You already have it. Manage your customer data and relationships on your sparkly new CRM. Knowing preferences means you can offer a more tailored service. Abracadabra! Happy customers = return customers = happy business. Repeat business rocks.

Run your marketing activities when it suits.

Your customers, current and potential, need to know what your offer. Easily create and send targeted emails and campaigns at a time that suits you. Marketing never felt so good.

Allow customers to book from wherever they are in the world.

Working from a different time zone? No worries! We’ve got your back. Our timezone software ensures everyone is on the same page. 

So there you have it. Pure business management bliss that’s oozing with benefits.

So if you’d like more time for your customers, then give Appointedd’s 2-week FREE trial a whirl. Our system is super easy to set-up. No card details are required and all you need is internet access. Payment plans are simple, affordable and you can cancel any time.

Check out the handy Knowledge Base or even shoot an email to our friendly team if you have questions.


Published on 27 October 2015