Convert up to 9x more traffic by replacing a website form with Appointedd's online booking tools

Eliminate the need for filling in lengthy forms online, shorten response times and solve the challenges of scheduling across timezones.

Achieve conversion rates up to 96%

Appointedd’s online booking tools perform 9x better than standard forms on a website. By replacing web forms with 24/7 online booking and scheduling tools, your online users will be empowered to book an appointment time online, even when your team is offline. Appointedd’s real time availability syncs with your teams live calendar, only showing times that can accommodate them. Save 8 hours per week, per person on scheduling, eliminate complicated timezone calculations, and achieve booking conversion rates of up to 96% with Appointed.

Appointedd’s automated communications suite sends confirmation, reminder and follow ups via email or SMS, reducing no-shows by up to 67%.

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Save 8 hours per week, per person on manual scheduling

Appointedd empowers some of the world’s most well-known organizations to streamline scheduling. Our clients have saved up to 8 hours per week, per person on manual appointment booking via form submissions, phone calls and emails. One global client previously used forms on their website – they calculated that it a form submission and then an average of 18 back-and-forth emails before an appointment time was confirmed. They now use Appointedd’s online booking tools and book appointments 97% faster.

Appointments for safety

Webforms are a slow, frustrating way for your online users to input personal data. They’re vulnerable to online bots which translate into billions of lost revenue for businesses. How much business have you lost due to poor UX?


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Enterprise Industry

Appointedd has helped VShips, a global organization to:

  • Save 143 working days over 3 months by automating scheduling
  • Facilitate 13,000 bookings over an 8 month period via Appointedd’s online booking tools
  • Drive 46% more bookings which were made outside ‘normal’ working hours
  • Achieve over 96% booking conversion rates
  • Empower online users to confirm a time and date for their appointment in as little at 60 seconds