Appointedd and GDPR

From 25th May 2018, all EU businesses must be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which is designed to help individuals to have more control over their personal data.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is the new enhanced data protection law that comes into effect on May 25 2018. It will replace existing laws to extend and strengthen the protection of personal data and the rights of the individual.  The law will extend to cover enhancements in technology and data processing.

How does it affect my business?

If you hold or process the data of any person in the EU, the GDPR will apply to you, whether you’re based in the EU or not. GDPR covers all data that allows a person, living or dead, to be identified.

Download our GDPR guide In preparation for GDPR coming into effect, Appointedd has been working hard to update our systems and policies over the past year to ensure that we will not only be compliant ourselves but are providing functions that aid our customers in their GDPR preparations. Download our free guide to see how Appointedd has prepared for GDPR here.


Is Appointedd compliant with GDPR?

We are fully compliant with current data protection laws and we will ensure that we are GDPR compliant in advance of the deadline. You can find out more about what we are doing to prepare in our free guide.

I have heard that we will need to provide our customers with the option to opt in. Will you be doing this?

Yes, as of the 8th April 2018, your customers can opt-in to marketing when making a booking or by contacting you. Anyone choosing not to opt in or to opt out at a later time will still receive transactional emails e.g. confirmations and reminders. All marketing emails will include an unsubscribe link to allow them to opt out if they choose to do so at a later stage.

If my customers opt out of marketing, can they opt back in?

Yes, the next time they book they will have the option to opt in for marketing again. They can also contact your business and you can change their preferences manually within the CRM.

Will my data and that of my customers be held in a GDPR compliant location?

All of your data is held securely at Amazon Web Services professional cloud hosting platform in Dublin, Ireland. This data centre is covered by European law and is fully compliant with GDPR. Data for our calendar sync feature can also be hosted in AWS US East (N. Virginia) at the organisation’s request. This data centre is also GDPR compliant.

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