Even if your staff is basically the A Team, there are still bound to be things that hold them back and slow them down when it comes to making your business as successful as possible.

Here at Appointedd, our aim is always to help you and your employees to be the best you can be while also making life easier. So here are the top reasons why taking your booking process online is the best way to give your team a gift they’ll appreciate forever.

Save oodles of time

How much time does your staff spend every week taking bookings on the phone or via email, having to reschedule or find convenient times? Even the dabbest of hands will spend a considerable amount time taking notes of appointments in the paper diary and constantly checking it throughout the day.

With online booking, there’s no need to let that laborious process eat up the minutes and hours. When customers can just go to your website or Facebook page and choose the time they want, everything becomes quicker and easier for everyone involved.

Focus on customer service

When your team are no longer tied up scribbling down the next appointment, they’re instantly free to put all their energy and attention into the one at hand. Not having to flit away to answer calls means the customer gets their dedicated focus, and nothing helps a business the grow like happy, well-treated clients.

Not to mention that providing the convenience of being able to book with you at any time of the day or night, on mobile or any other device, wherever they are makes it so easy for customers to keep coming back with minimal effort. Now that’s great customer service.

Cut down on stress

When you take away some of the more mundane tasks that would normally be involved in a job, your team will immediately feel happier in their work. With a complete online booking and diary management system like Appointedd, not only do you cut out the hassle of manual booking scheduling but you can also streamline or automate everything from payments to revenue reports to email and SMS marketing efforts! And by not having to expend all their energy on admin, your employees will have so much more left over for innovating, improving, and just doing what they love.

Fit more in

With a huge amount of unnecessary, time-consuming work cut out completely, and your team working more efficiently, suddenly you’ll have the opportunity to fit in more appointments or develop a broader range of services for your customers. Online booking can really help your business to grow in quickly noticeable ways, from increased revenue to a vastly exapanded customer base. Onwards and upwards!

Published on 25 July 2016