In today’s digitally driven landscape, customer expectations are at an all-time high, demanding instant and personalised interactions. As financial professionals struggle to keep up with evolving consumer behaviour, they are looking towards innovative technology solutions to help them balance their time and resources whilst catering for personalised interactions. 

Enter Conversational AI. From virtual assistants to chatbots, companies are increasingly looking to these technologies to enhance customer experience, improve conversion rates, and create internal efficiencies. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how Appointedd and EBM have joined forces to provide an innovative solution to tackle some of the contemporary problems financial professionals are facing. With this joint offering, financial institutions can harness the power of AI driven conversations to enable greater personalisation, provide round-the-clock customer support, and revolutionise the end to end customer experience.

You can watch a quick demo on how Appointedd and EBM streamline mortgage applications by clicking here.


Meet the team!

EBM is a conversational AI consultancy. They are dedicated to helping clients create better customer experiences and reduce support costs with intelligent and integrated AI chatbot solutions. From conversation design, chatbot development and ongoing support, EBM offers brands a unique service, quickly implementing chatbots that deliver ROI from day one.

Appointedd’s booking and scheduling technology transforms service offerings into bookable experiences and enables customers to book online, at any time, from any device, in any timezone and in multiple languages. Managing the impact of a booking right the way through the customer journey, Appointedd removes friction for teams and customers whilst providing enhanced efficiencies, increased productivity, and creating additional revenue streams.


How does the partnership work?

The partnership between Appointedd and EBM offers an integrated solution, redefining the appointment booking experience. Using our simple API integration, users can effortlessly schedule appointments using natural language – ensuring a user friendly and seamless process. The step-by-step booking feature employs a chatbot that guides users through each stage of the booking process. Dynamic categories and services add flexibility, with options generated based on Appointedd APIs. Not only does this drastically improve the consumer experience, this also allows financial professionals to set criteria in order to gather information on their client before an initial call has been booked. Appointedd and EBM’s joint solution could be used to gather vast amounts of information all before directing the customer to either set up a savings account, or seamlessly book an appointment with a financial advisor, all without leaving the chatbot interface. 


The importance of AI in financial services 

Extreme personalisation has already become the norm in many industries. Netflix will only suggest shows based on your previous choices, Meta will only serve you content that you’ve previously engaged with, and Amazon will suggest products based on your previous purchases. As it stands, financial services have been delayed in catering to this expectation. According to The Financial Brand’s Digital Banking Report, 94% of banks are unable to provide customers with this kind of personalisd experience.

There are a number of areas where the Appointedd and EBM solution can be implemented to improve personalised customer journeys, grow customer loyalty, increase ROI, and save valuable time for financial professionals.

For example, the Appointedd and EBM solution can drastically improve the process when a new or recurring customer gets in touch with a mortgage advisor. Utilising AI, a series of personalised qualification questions can be asked to determine if the customer is; a first time buyer, a previous customer, what their budget is, what type of mortgage they are looking for, and any other questions to gather relevant information – all before an appointment has been scheduled. 

Once these dynamic questions have been answered, the customer can seamlessly book an appointment through the integrated Appointedd booking flow. The data captured by EBM’s AI is stored in the Appointedd CRM and can be accessed by the mortgage advisor prior to their appointment. 

Conversational AI has the power to completely transform the way businesses manage and support these experiences. Users not only benefit from improved, real-time engagement, but also enjoy the convenience of 24/7 availability, supporting both bookings and sales conversions.

Businesses can significantly reduce support costs without sacrificing the personal touch, whilst also freeing up agent’s time to handle more complex customer queries. This reduction in support costs coupled with personalised interactions contributes to enhanced efficiencies that resonate with customers, fostering a positive relationship between businesses and their clientele.

Published on 26 January 2024