It’s Christmas time and everyone everywhere seems to have some kind of special offer on. Only the other week we posted a blog on Christmas marketing, and, yes, one of our recommendations WAS rewarding loyal clients with a special offer…

But how can you make your offer the most appealing one out there? And how can you save money?

Here are three top tips to making your deal cheaper and more effective!

1) Personalize!

It’s that marketing Holy Grail that just never seems to go away, and that’s because it actually really works!

Personalizing your special offers is, of course, more work than a blanket discount, but it’s much more likely to be effective, and in the end it can work out cheaper!

Think about your customer list: where does each client fit in?

Have they only used your services once, or do they come to you every week? Are you rewarding them or trying to tempt them into another service?

What kind of specific needs does each client have? Offer a deal on your client’s service, they’ll be impressed you remember and they will be much more likely to take you up on it! If you have the time, it might be a nice touch to also send out physical coupons to a client’s home: it’s much more personal, and it shows how much you care!

2) Make it truly special…

Instead of offering a blanket percentage off, you can make an attractive offer with a few little things.

You could have a day where everyone who comes in gets a free glass of bubbly, some mulled wine, or some chocolate cake…

You could team up with another local business for some great incentives, for example if you run a photography studio you could create an offer with a local restaurant giving your customers a great Christmassy day out.

3) Create a Bundle…

Sometimes bundling up your services can also seem like a more attractive offer than simply money off.

It can seem like you are giving more value for money, and it doesn’t devalue your normal price like some special offers can.

And, of course, it also makes it more likely that a customer will try out a service that they wouldn’t ordinarily. It’s a win-win!


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Published on 15 December 2015