Appointedd is excited to announce the official launch of its native integration with NewStore! NewStore is an omnichannel platform, providing Omnichannel-as-a-Service for retail brands worldwide that want to accelerate their digital transformation. NewStore is built for speed and flexibility, and allows brands to easily deliver amazing shopping experiences that store associates and consumers love. Its mobile-first, modular cloud platform includes POS, order management, clienteling, inventory, and native consumer apps. With its new integration with Appointedd, it now expands its offering to include seamless online booking.

How Appointedd met NewStore

Work on the partnership began in early 2022, as a number of joint opportunities timed up with a desire from NewStore to enhance the features of its mobile POS – with a specific focus on clienteling. With both the customer overlap and shared visions for the future of retail, Appointedd and NewStore recognized that with an integration they could enhance their clients’ digital transformations, and began working on an integration.

Marcus Bittrich, Chief Product Officer at NewStore on the integration: “At NewStore, we’re passionate about crafting unforgettable shopping moments for both store associates and consumers. Our commitment is not just about building products; it’s about actively tuning in to the needs of modern retail brands and ensuring we deliver the best shopping experience imaginable. Our partners are an indispensable part of this journey. They empower us to innovate at an accelerated pace, and our integration with Appointedd is a great example of the value these organizations can help us provide for our shared customers.”

In order to truly enhance our shared customers’ digital transformations, the integration needed to work seamlessly. As a combined offering, we are significantly enhancing internal efficiencies and improving the overall customer experience. Recognizing the significant impact this partnership could have, the Appointedd development team prioritized the integration to ensure it was as good as it could be. Now, our joint clients can offer appointment bookings as a part of the omnichannel customer journey, and all the appointment details will be readily available in the NewStore Associate App.

Leah Hutcheon, CEO at Appointedd, on the integration: “We’re so excited to be announcing our partnership with NewStore after months of work behind the scenes to build our integration. It’s something we were keen to prioritize, as NewStore is a strategic partner that enables our clients to embrace digital transformation and stay at the forefront of omnichannel. All of our retail clients are thinking about new ways they can build out complex omnichannel customer journeys in a smart and scalable way, and our integration with NewStore enables them to do just that.”

How the integration works

Like all things at Appointedd, this integration was built to improve both the store associate and the customer experience. Any customer who makes a booking via Appointedd will be automatically visible within the NewStore Associate App. To view all appointments, the in-store team just has to select ‘Appointedd’ when they log-in. This will open an overview of all their store bookings and personal bookings.

There are a number of filters built into the app too, so store associates can filter by customer and see how many previous or upcoming bookings that customer has. They can also filter by service and have a quick overview of when those services are coming up. Each booking pulls through the answers to any custom booking questions and notes, as well as any custom CRM fields.

The integration also supports events and appointments that allow more than one customer to book on. For ease of use, store associates may also make bookings from within the app, to be used in cases where customers arrive in store and want to make a booking for a future date. Want to know more about our joint offering? Book a call with me here

Published on 18 September 2023