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It takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position. That’s a long time. 

Even if you get off to a good start on your end, hiring someone new involves a lot of moving parts – not all of which are within your control. 

Often, the expectation of a smooth hiring process comes crashing against the reality of aligning schedules. Back-and-forth emails. Exchanging possible dates and times. Asking questions and awaiting response. 

Businesses are hiring for a reason – to bring someone in who is going to drive them forward. Especially in industries like Financial Services and Professional Services, new hires can be crucial to success

Any delay in filling those positions can have real operational and financial consequences. That’s why businesses are turning to self-scheduling. 

What is self-scheduling software?

Organizations use automated scheduling software to intelligently automate their recruitment process, by empowering candidates to self-schedule interviews, assessment days, and training. 

Self-scheduling app allows candidates to arrange interviews online from company websites, social media pages, and staff emails, via a simple online booking flow. Self-scheduling calendar syncs with company calendars, so interview slots are pulled from the live availability of the relevant staff. 

That means there’s no need to gather availability from multiple people around the company. Self-scheduling software allows you to ditch those never-ending email chains that drain so much time and patience

Self-scheduling with Appointedd

Appointedd’s self-scheduling tool allows businesses to intelligently automate their recruitment process, save time and resources, and empower the candidate to take control of scheduling their interview. 

  • Empower the candidate

Appointedd pulls live availability from business hours, custom schedules, and the calendars of relevant hiring managers, and allows candidates to pick an interview time that suits them. 

  • Save time

Self-scheduling with Appointedd allows businesses to automate their recruitment, avoid sinking time into interview scheduling, and focus on activities that drive their core business. 

  • Avoid scheduling clashes

By presenting available interview slots pulled from live availability, Appointedd only offers available slots, and will remove slots from view once booked, avoiding any possibility of double booking. 

  • Improve the candidate experience

Interviewing for a position is a big deal, and can be stressful for candidates. Appointedd removes some of that stress by allowing candidates to self-schedule their interview at a time that works for them, gives them ample time to prepare, and puts them in the driving seat. 


Published on 22 March 2020