Google recently confirmed they now have more people searching on Google using a mobile device than on a desktop. They also released an update to how they rank websites that includes a penalty for not being mobile-optimised. This is an important indicator from one of the largest internet companies in the world. As it defines where internet usage is going and how we are deciding to consume the internet.

At Appointedd it’s our mission to make it as simple for you to take bookings online and for a customer to book online. That’s why all of our microsites, which you get for free on all packages, are completely mobile-friendly and meet Google’s mobile-friendly requierments.

Also included with every business microsite:

  • Unique microsite name, making it easier for people to find you online.
  • Fully customisable design, to fit in with your brand.
  • Free secure hosting

Test your website to find out if it matches the mobile-friendly criteria. This only takes a few minutes and is handled completely by Google.Test your website here. If your website isn’t friendly you could use an Appointedd microsite until you can get your own website fixed up…


Published on 10 May 2015