When you sell property some things can’t really be helped – like the flip-floppers who want to sell their house on Tuesday but have changed their mind by Friday, or debating whether anyone will realistically see the bungalow missing half its roof as a ‘project’. When it comes to the properties themselves, I’m afraid that’s on you. But when it comes to organising your property viewings and making your agency run as smoothly as a well-oiled sash window, we’ve got you covered. Here are four ways online booking can help you turn even more For Sales into SOLDs.

1. Save time

With agents flitting hither, thither, and yon all day, on top of all the office admin to get through, things really need to be as efficient as possible to maximise those sales. So why not get technology on your side and trade in the email and phone scheduling for something far slicker and quicker? Enter, online booking from Appointedd. It’s easy to schedule property viewings and then simply allow viewers to book themselves in. No email exchanges or voicemail tag, just getting stuff done.

2. Optimise occupancy

Providing online booking 24/7 online also means you’re likely to get far more interested viewers per property. Being available to book out of hours, and at the last minute, is ideal for clients and requires absolutely no extra work on your part (even less, in fact!)

And no need to worry about being over booked for a viewing – Appointedd allows you to fix the maximum occupancy of a booking.

3. Improve service and communication

You can also effortlessly provide a far better service to clients with Appointedd’s automatic booking confirmations and reminders. These notifications massively reduce no-shows, and give your clients a handy summary of the details they need.

You can also communicate directly with your contacts within Appointedd, or send them mass notifications – ideal for communicating with tenants, for example.

4. Complete business management

Appointedd is much more than just online booking – the system also includes a task manager that allows you to assign jobs to agents with due dates. Plus, the two-way integration with all major calendars, including Google, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook, etc., means that each agent on the system can have their own calendar authenticated. That way, everyone can view and manage their appointments while out and about, or without even having direct access to Appointedd.

The future of real estate is online! Explore the possibilities of online booking for your business.

Published on 14 October 2016