At Appointedd, we strongly believe in creating an inclusive, equal and equitable workplace where people and their success are celebrated regardless of their background, race, faith, gender, sexual orientation or age. 

As a female-led organization, this International Women’s Day, we’ve collated quotes from our clients and team to celebrate the success, tenacity and ambition of women working in senior management roles and inspire our network. 

Tiina Korvenoja, Head of Digital Front Technologies at Musti Group, said: “I feel very lucky to work at Musti Group, and I’m proud that we recently earned the top spot in the Nordic Business Diversity Index 2023. I have had the privilege to work with supportive and strong leaders, both male and female. I feel I have always been treated fairly based on my capabilities and I want to cultivate that same environment in my current position.”

Emma Whyte, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at abrdn investments, said: “It is crucial that women champion and advocate for other women. This is easier said than done when the media and wider societal pressures tend to set us in competition with one another. Theodore Roosevelt said comparison is the thief of joy. Someone else’s success bears no reflection on your capability, potential, or achievements and it is vital that women find ways of championing and advocating for other women. Consider how you can leverage your personal and professional networks to promote a female led business or to provide mentorship and guidance. I have been lucky enough to mentor two amazing women and they are some of my favourite meetings!”

Alice Beeby, Client Director at Appointedd, said:  “Whether by chance or intention, I’ve always worked in female-heavy teams. It’s so important to recognise the balance of drive and empathy that women bring to an environment. I feel empowered working for a company with a 75% female C-Suite, it encourages me and my female colleagues, and is vitally important for the next generation to not see gender as a barrier.”

Imogene Keane, Chief Operating Officer here at Appointedd, said: “As the mother of a nine-year old boy, I see it as vitally important to be a working female role model for him to see my successes as equally valuable as his dad’s. For part of his life I was a single mum and COO, and the issues I faced were never around support or understanding from colleagues, but having affordable and flexible childcare. We can help the next generation of leaders by pushing this need for flexible child care and flexible work further up the agenda.”

We also spoke with Appointedd’s Founder and CEO, Leah Hutcheon, about female entrepreneurship in this interview

Published on 8 March 2023