How Appointedd Can Make your Life Easier

So, it’s two weeks into the New Year. I bet a lot of us have fallen down on our New Year’s resolutions already.

I resolved to simply ‘get more stuff done’. But I’ll be the first to admit that having that resolution hasn’t made it the slightest bit easier to climb out of bed on a Monday morning – especially in this weather! In fact, all it’s done is made me feel guilty if I don’t bound out of bed (which is a guilt that, let’s face it, we have enough of already!)

Sometimes resolutions just aren’t the best way of making yourself more productive, more motivated, or more anything! The thing is, we are all already working as hard as we can, and we don’t need to work any harder… we need to make things easier!

Our software is designed for small businesses, and we’ve made it our aim in life to give you guys a helping hand. Here are the five ways we guarantee Appointedd will make your life easier, meaning you can forget all about those guilt-creating ‘resolutions’!

1) Online Booking

It’s what we specialize in, and we do it well. Online booking will transform your business this year. Our booking widget easily integrates with your website, and is easily customisable to fit in with your brand. If you don’t have a website, you can create your very own booking microsite where customers can book with you. Or, if you do most of your booking through Facebook, you can put our Facebook booking app there too. You could treat yourself to all three!

Online booking means you don’t have to be glued to your phone all day. It means when you are with a client, taking a break, or even sleeping at night, you can still be taking bookings and, YES, making money!

2) A Completely Integrated Calendar

Your online appointments through Appointedd also sync automatically with your existing calendar. We sync with all leading platforms such as iCloud, Outlook, or Google Calendar, so you will never ever double book yourself again. Whether you’ve got a catch up with a friend planned, or an important meeting, it all goes into your schedule. Whatever it is, your customers will only be able to book with you at times when you are free on both calendars.

3) An End to Customer No-Shows

Customer no-shows can be the worst part of running your own business. They are time consuming, they cost you money, and they are quite frankly, infuriating. So, we have put a stop to it. Our software will automatically send appointment reminders to your clients. So sending reminders isn’t yet another job to do yourself, and you literally don’t have to worry. Customers can let you know sooner if they have to cancel, and you won’t spontaneously combust at another ‘no-show’.

4) Record your Customer Information

Appointedd will record all your client details from the basics, like their name, phone number, address etc. This helps ensure you never waste any time searching for a phone number EVER AGAIN! What more, you can add the little extra details like what service they normally prefer, when their birthday is, and what times they are normally free. You can also put notes next to each customer reminding to remind yourself of what they are up to, so you can ask them about it when you see them again. And voila! Improving your customer loyalty and retention rates is made really easy.

5) And Finally…All that Customer Information is Perfect for Marketing

Marketing your business can be the hardest part. We provide competitive SMS bundles so you can use all of that customer information to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Texts have a 98% open rate, so we bet they will be highly successful marketing campaigns as well.

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…And if Appointedd sounds like something you need, try our two-week free trial!

Published on 18 January 2016