We’re happy to announce that you can now see all your Appointedd bookings for the whole week in our brand new weekly view!

When you log into your Appointedd calendar, you will now be able to switch between the existing daily view and the new weekly view, which shows any resource’s appointments for the week on a single page. Perfect for regulating activity across days and resources, the weekly view lets you easily see where there are gaps and where you’re busiest. Pretty neat.

For businesses with a single resource, weekly view will be chosen as default when you log in. And to change between the two views, it’s as simple as clicking the drop-down on the left of the white banner above your calendar and selecting the resource you would like to view.

For a full guide to the weekly view, go to our support page.
Want to see this and all our other nifty features in action?

Published on 25 October 2016