Ever feel there’s not enough hours in the day? Well, let’s look at the fluff and admin we can clear out to let that extra profit come flooding into your business.

One thing that eats up a huge part of a small service business’s day is the process of booking in clients. But, so often, we underestimate the impact that time wasted has on our business. Our time spent on the phone, emails and mesages arranging appointment could all be adding to our bottom line.

To help you get a clear picture of just how much time this wastes, we’ve put together an amazing tool…

It’s called the Money Maker Calculator and it’s a simple tool that will crunch the numbers and tell you exactly how much money you could make if only you weren’t so tied up in the admin of making bookings!

The calculator shows you how much time you waste on calls and how that works out into lost appointments. Most importantly, it shows the cost of those wasted appointments.

Then you can see how much money you are missing out on every year by having customers call instead of book online.

We’ve put together an infographic based on a few typical Appointedd customers and the results they would have. Keep in mind that it’s based on real data from real customers!

Or why not try the calculator for your own business.

We knew that having online booking saved business time, but just how much it can save is exciting!

Are you ready to find out how much time you could save using online booking with Appointedd?

Take our Money Maker Calculator for a spin!

If you’re blown away by the results, just like we were, then get in touch or tweet us!

Published on 16 July 2015