After a lot of careful consideration of how to best offer the Appointedd online scheduling software to our lovely customers, we have updated our pricing. The new pricing structure is clearer and simpler, and makes the whole range of Appointedd’s features available to every single user, no matter what the size of their business.

Appointedd’s old pricing plans were based on a three-tiered approach, offering a basic suite of features up to the full suite. Without taking into account the size of the business or how many users there would be, this meant that, for example, small businesses had to pay the same rate as larger organisations to access the same tools, despite using the software a fraction of the amount!

Our new pricing resolves this, with a single flat rate that allows any business access to all the functionality the software has to offer. Instead of paying for access to features, businesses will now pay only for what they need to use by purchasing bundles.

Each user bundle allows you to add 1 resource, 1 user, and 3 booking apps to your account. You can have as many bundles on your subscription as you need, and add or remove bundles at any time, as and when you need them.

To learn more about our new pricing, go along to our pricing page here. You can also find a full explanation of how the pricing of bundles works in our support article.


Published on 12 May 2017