This month we’ve been adding some neat little features to the Appointedd online calendar, which will make it easier to get a clear view of exactly the information you need.

Calendar Filtering

You can now filter your calendar screen by resources or services in any combination, making the calendar view more flexible and quickly showing you what you need to know. To filter the calendar, simply click on the filter button in the top right corner of the calendar: the sidebar will appear and you can select which resources or services you wish to view or hide from the calendar.

For a full guide to the new calendar filter, take a look at our support article.

Anonymous External Events

There is now the option to hide the details of events pulled into the Appointedd calendar from an external calendar via the calendar sync. This is ideal for multi-user accounts where individual resources want to block off time for personal appointments through their personal calendar without sharing the details with everyone else on the system.

To enable this anonymous event function, go to the Calendar section of your settings and switch the Anonymise external calendar event details toggle to ON.

Resource Notifications

You can now turn on booking notifications for each of your resources, to let them know when someone books with them. This allows staff to manage their time even more easily and always be up to speed on their schedule.

To turn on resource notifications, just go to your resource’s profile and switch the Turn on resource booking confirmation emails toggle to ON. For a full step-by-step guide, check out our support article on resource notifications.

Ready to give these new features a whirl? Sign in to your account or get started with your free trial.


Published on 28 February 2017