Christmas and New Year are creeping up fast… Eeek! But don’t panic, we’ve got your back.

Such a busy season ahead means business at your hair or beauty salon will be thriving. It’s your biggest chance of the year to make money – so now is the time to step it up, because in a few weeks you’ll be way too busy!

Time is precious so you have to make sure it’s spent wisely. There are bundles of things you can do to nail each and every opportunity. So, without further ado, here are 5 effective ways for you to boost appointment bookings and now in time for Christmas and New Year.

1: Set goals

What would you like to achieve this year? More appointments than last year? Fewer no shows? More revenue? Better brand engagement online? Get out those figures and start setting some goals. Pin a little note reminder on your phone or staff room door for motivation. Provide a few little treats or rewards for your staff to give them a little incentive to help you achieve your goals and stay happy at such a busy time of year! We found have a bunch of great free rewards here if you’re looking for ideas. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a bit more direction in achieving these goals.

2: Get social

Does your salon have a Facebook or Twitter page? Don’t wait until new year for that resolution! Jump on the bandwagon now, as you are missing out on all those online customers. They’re looking for you! Creating a Facebook page is so simple, and you can get what you do out there straight away. Start sharing your story, current promotions, and let the world know who you are! Watch this helpful video if you’re feeling lost about where to start.

3: Start taking bookings through Facebook

So now you have a shiny new social media site for your salon. Congrats! Well, why not turn those likes into sales? It’s all good and well sharing what you do with news, photos, updates etc. for your fans. But wouldn’t it be fab if customers could see and book appointments right on your Facebook page? This means they won’t have to wait for a reply to their comment or message, and you have peace of mind knowing your services are out there and can be bookable anywhere, anytime. On-the-go, on their mobile. Sweet! See these top tips for taking bookings online through Facebook.

4: Start sending email or text reminders

All service-orientated businesses, just like you, fear the dreaded ´no-show’. Because if a customer doesn’t show up, it means you’ve lost time. And time is money, people! We challenge you to work out how many no-shows you’ve had this year, and start sending reminders to see a 50% improvement. We don’t want you to miss out on opportunities, so send a little email or text reminder to your appointments. This will encourage them to call if they need to re-schedule or can’t make it, meaning you can sell that time slot. Yay!

5: Create Christmas specials

Everyone loves to get glam for the festive season! So latch onto this trend to boost sales and appointment by letting existing clients, and new ones, know what’s on offer. Brainstorm a few Christmas special offers, and use Facebook, Twitter, email, or text to spread the word. Lockhart-Meyer have a fab Free downloadable guide for e-marketing your salon this Christmas, so get on it!

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped. Tis’ the season to be jolly!



Published on 24 November 2015