Maybe you’ve been um-ing and ah-ing over the idea of creating a mobile app to help your business with customer engagement, or maybe the thought has never even crossed your mind. Either way, we’re here to tell you in no uncertain terms that it is a good idea. A great idea actually. Here are a few reasons why.

(And, if you’re worried that app building is too complicated or expensive, we have the perfect solution. Read on and see.)

1. Visibility

Mobile apps are the new and improved business card. Just think about how attached we all are to our phones and you’ll realise: getting your business visibility on your clients’ phone screens is a one-way ticket to success town.

Offering your members a free app to download is an ideal way to put your business front and centre of their attention, and way ahead of your competitors. Seeing your icon every time they look at their screen is a constant reminder of your business, and it means that when they need your services it’ll be the first name they think of. And, with just a tap…

2. Convenience

…they’ll be able to open the app, see all the information they need, and book anything from a meeting room to a guided tour. If providing online booking from your website is convenience, then having an app to book facilities is convenience squared. No searching the web to find the website (and possibly being distracted by a rival workspace!) just a tap on the app and the booking is made. Now that’s service.

3. Promotion

As well as increasing your visibility from within members’ own phones, your very own app is a powerful tool for promotion. Offering special offers exclusively through the app, for example, acts as an incentive to download, and once you have their attention you can harness push notifications to keep your customers updated and your workspace at the front of their thoughts.

OK, sign me up. How do I get an app?

App building doesn’t have to be pricey or hard work. We teamed up with AppInstitute to provide businesses with a fast, simple way to build their own customised app to promote their services and, of course, take bookings. It’s incredibly easy to start building your app and get it on the app store. Plus, Appointedd customers get an exclusive discount from AppInstitute! To get started, just go along here and follow the steps. Happy app-making!


Published on 22 June 2017