This month we have a fantastic new update for you that will make managing your teams and their appointment bookings even easier. We’re happy to introduce you to resource grouping!

Whether you want to keep your sales team separate from your support staff, or you just want to organise your pub quiz teams, resource grouping lets you put your resources into groups or categories just like you can with your services. Not only does that make it easier to manage your teams within the system, it also means you can offer services provided by a whole group of staff members in a single click, and create booking apps and microsites for just one of your teams.

Some examples of ways to group your resources include:

  • By department e.g. sales, support and tech
  • By location e.g. Glasgow, Manchester and London
  • By specialty e.g. sports massage, injury follow up and reflexology
  • By type e.g. meeting rooms, conference rooms and tour operators

To find out more about resource grouping and see full instructions on how to do it, head over to our support guide. And, if you want to get grouping for yourself, log in to your Appointedd account or start your free trial.


Published on 4 October 2017