Your Appointedd microsite has had some TLC this month! We’re really excited about our refreshed online booking microsites which are now more customisable and snazzier than ever. Here’s what’s new.

Custom colours

You can now completely customise the colours of your booking microsite, to match them to your brand. Just like with our booking apps, you can now select your chosen colours with our picker, or paste your hex codes. Plus, another neat little touch that we love: your chosen colours will also be used on the booking dialogue popover, so your brand stays consistent throughout the booking process.

Banner image

As well as adding featured images to your microsite, you can now also add a full width banner image to the page. This gives you the chance to really show off your business and further customise the booking site to truly make it your own.

Theme selection

A choice of our existing microsite themes is still available, with different fonts and button styles, but the colours will now be changeable on any theme.

You can learn more about all your microsite settings in our support article. Plus, check out our handy blog on how to optimise your microsite for conversion.

Ready to explore the new microsite settings for yourself? Log in to your account or start your free trial.


Published on 28 April 2017