We’re pleased to announce that getting started with online booking is now quicker and easier than it’s ever been before thanks to the brand new Appointedd signup wizard. The best way to appreciate it in all its glorious simplicity is to try it for yourself when you start your free trial.

As usual, Team Appointedd has been working hard to make the process of getting your business online as smooth and seamless as can be. There are only four steps to get started, and we make it easy to get your account setup just right so you can hit the ground running.

All the vital information about how to create your opening hours, your services, and your resources is included in the wizard, but if you’d like more detailed guidance to getting setup, plus some handy tips and examples, you can always visit our support hub.

So what are you waiting for? You could be taking online bookings in a matter of minutes. It’s completely free for 14 days and we don’t ask you for any credit card details until it’s over. Let our wizard get you started!


Published on 23 February 2017