jeremy-wong-304240.jpgWith almost every conceivable industry making the move towards online services, it was only a matter of time before all things wedding joined the club. Recently, Fuze Ceremonies became the first in the UK to offer online celebrant booking with the help of their Appointedd booking tools.

Planning a wedding is hard enough without trying to fit in phone calls around your busy schedule, and Anne Widdop, Founder of Fuze Ceremonies, had this to say: “Now people can book their celebrant online, it gives them real peace of mind to be able to secure someone for a key celebration or commemoration. We are the only celebrants in the UK who can be booked online and this has only been possible with the help of the fantastic team at Appointedd.”

Modern consumers are increasingly preferring to conduct their everyday tasks with the help of convenient online tools. This move towards a more connected and online approach to celebrant booking could mark the beginning of more wedding services becoming available online, which might spell the end of that notoriously stressful planning process.

Which got me thinking: what would it look like if you could book your whole wedding, beginning to end, online? Here are some other wedding services we might see come online in a big way in the not too distant future, with an opportunity for businesses to get a head start on the competition by implementing their own online tools.


There are many venues you can already book online, but what about booking your tour of the venue? For long-distance wedding planners, you could even book a virtual tour and be shown around the space with a live video stream.


Need some floral adornment for your nuptials but don’t have the time for lengthy consultations? Imagine: you nip onto your florist’s website and simply pick one of their off-the-peg flower packages, or mix and match your favourite elements. We foresee a virtual flower-arrangement mockup service arriving any day now, that lets you see how your bouquet choices go together and makes suggestions for complementing additions.

Cake tasting and catering

While virtual cake tasting is probably still a little way off, booking your appointment and pre-choosing your selection all online is definitely doable. Equally, we predict a trend for choosing your menu online and sending it off to your guests to make their selections, which are then automatically added to the order. Easy.

And the rest

Of course, there are all kinds of wedding services that are beginning to become more bookable online: from photographers to marquee rentals. The future of wedding organisation will likely be online and connected, so that you can book the whole event in just a few clicks, and say goodbye to a stressful planning process. The only thing left to worry about is the seating plan. Sorry.


Published on 21 September 2017