Running a contact centre: at times it can feel like herding cats, or something else just as unherdable. Not only are you responsible for managing your many operators, juggling inductions and training, keeping tabs on productivity – but you’ve also got clients to deal with, and catering to their individual needs while trying to keep operations fast and efficient is kind of like that riddle about the cabbage, the rabbit, and the fox. That is to say, convoluted, time-consuming, and a little bit ridiculous.

Thankfully, it is possible to simplify contact centre operations. Here’s how Appointedd’s cutting edge online booking and scheduling software can slot into your centre to simply make the service you provide as reliable, streamlined, and generally excellent as possible.

Working with Clients

Superpowered call answering services

Do your operators have to contend with a mind-boggling variety of different calendar systems and booking tools when taking appointments on behalf of clients? All that switching between different applications can really be a drag on the efficiency of the booking process. Enter: Appointedd. Our handy booking apps can be embedded directly into your centre’s internal software and allow operators to make appointments on behalf of clients in just a few clicks. Questions can be set within the booking flow to gather all necessary information at the time of booking. Appointedd can also be automatically be synchronised with any external calendar, so that bookings will appear in the client’s Google, iCloud, Office 365 calendar, for example, without needing direct access to the system. And communications can be automatically triggered upon booking, to keep them informed of any new appointments.

Simple and quick online payments

It’s easy to add online payments to the booking process to securely take deposits and payments for clients over the phone, even without being PCI Compliant.

Conversion rate optimisation

Transacting appointments online maximises your conversion rate. By offering clients the ability to boost direct bookings with their business, you can add extra value to your service and be really indispensable.

Internal Management

Save time and admin

By allowing team members to book with each other internally without time-consuming phone and email exchanges, you can make the workplace more efficient. All bookings can be automatically synced to appear in the operator or advisor’s external calendar (Google, iCloud, Exchange, Office 365, etc.) so they’ll never miss a call or meeting. Also ideal for organising larger events such as inductions or training sessions, as Appointedd can allow up to 500 people to book themselves into open events.

Let clients come to you

Appointedd allows you to offer online booking to your clients, so that they can arrange a convenient time to talk with sales agents. Simply send them a link to your Appointedd booking app in an email or marketing communications.

Automatic notifications

When a booking is made, a confirmation message is sent to all parties, massively reducing the problem of crossed wires and making task management easier.

Cross-timezone scheduling

Appointedd’s first-of-its-kind multi-timezone functionality makes it easy to schedule calls with staff or clients anywhere in the world, without any confusing timezone maths. Each resource can work in a different timezone if necessary, and anyone booking with them will see the availability in their own timezone.

Resell to Clients

You can also earn commission by reselling Appointedd licenses. When you resell Appointedd to your clients, you can offer them cutting edge technology that will boost their business, giving them all the benefits of the system.

Published on 24 November 2016